Here’s Your Next Weekend “Gimik” According To Each Personality Type!

Everyone’s been into the Myers Briggs Personality Test (MBTI), and are OBSESSED with finding out his or her personality type– chances are, you know what’s yours! If you don’t, there are tons of quizzes online then you can get back to this article quickly after. But do you ever feel like whenever you’re out with your friends and doing something, it’s not exactly what you had in mind? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered by putting together all kinds of hangouts and activities around the metro that is just perfect for your personality!

We put together all 16 personality types and your ideal hangout place When In Manila for whenever you want to unwind during that much-coveted free time! Book your next gimik for next weekend! Bonus: find out your crush’s MBTI type, then invite them to hang out according to their preferred activity!

Ideal Weekend “Gimik” For Each MBTI Personality Type!

ISFP – Checking out the newest weekend market or tiangge

Escolta Saturday Market

First United Building, Escolta, Manila. Photo Courtesy of Mansy Abesamis

You’re a true artist and you love exploring unique and one-of-a-kind things that push the imagination, and so the vibrancy of a weekend market suits you! Here you encounter organic produce, as well as inventive recipes that will whet your appetite and pique your curiosity. As for tiangges, the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies here like a glove: while others may see a hot mess of clothes no one wants anymore, you see an opportunity for your next fashion statement.


ENFJ – Doing weekend volunteer work

4 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

Helping others is at the core of your personality, inspiring others to do good and achieve something for themselves. People look to you as their guru and your concern for them is something completely natural for you– which is why volunteer work on the weekends is something completely up your alley. Help out at your local charity nearby– heck, be a voluntourist!


ESTP – An extreme sport or activity just right by the metro

Philippine Surfing Academy

You’re a daredevil and you love living in the moment, and you never seem to run out of energy! If driving to the outskirts of the metro to enjoy more outdoorsy and extreme activities seems like a good idea for you, that’s because it probably is! (Lest you be reckless and get hurt.) You like diving right into the action and you have a good dose of imagination, so nothing scares you that easily.


ISFJ – Trying out the latest pet-themed cafe


For introverts, ISFJs are actually pretty social, and are also open to trying out new things, even with the Judging trait. Pet-themed cafés satisfy your natural sense of curiosity and wonder, and tap into that altruistic side of you! It’s pretty much a win-win situation for you– cozy spaces filled with cute and friendly animals create that warm and intimate atmosphere that you crave for, and you’re able to create a connection with a new furry one, whether it’s a cat or a dog. It only sucks when you have to leave your new friend, but hey, there’s always next week, right?


ENTJ – Escape room

Breakout Philippines' The Walking Dead Escape Game: Experience Terminus in BGC

For the “commander”, it makes sense for you to try out a thrilling escape room, with a good mystery and an exhilarating setting for you and your friends. With the time limit hovering over your heads, as a natural-born leader, this would definitely tap into the competitive side of you as you lead your friends to search for more clues and to eventual victory. You’re sharp, determined, and ruthless, and a good escape room can offer you a worthy challenge.


ENTP – Drinks at a pub

Tipsy Pig BGC Fort When in Manila

If you’re reading this and the prospect of “drinks at a pub” sounds boring to you, don’t fret, dear ENTP! Conversations and ideas are at the core of your personality, and you love challenging friends and acquaintances to friendly debates and stir interesting thoughts about the infinite possibilities of life– and what better way to do it than at a casual bar or pub with awesome food? It’s the kind of hangout where everyone’s totally down to chill– you can wear your hair down, kick your feet up and knock down a few cold ones in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone’s in a fun and sociable mood and unlike in clubs, the music’s pretty good but not loud enough that you have to scream in each other’s ears to make conversation. It’s the perfect place to wax philosophical, and everyone loosens up after a few rounds of beers.


INFJ – Geek quiz nights!

5 tips to surviving quiz night (9)

When it comes to friends, you don’t just make friends with anyone– you’re looking for someone you connect with and share your interests with, even when they’re totally weird! Geek nights definitely speak to that part of you. While you’re not much of an “events” person, the idea of people coming together to share a common love for something you’re into without judgment excites you!


INFP – Showing up at spoken word night


You’re not into huge crowds, but this is one event you’d gladly show up for– spoken word patrons are hardly the rowdy, frivolous crowd often spotted at clubs, though they can burst into riots at an especially moving poem, and it’s the kind of energy you’d gladly take part in. You love seeing the beauty in things, and you hold on to your creativity and idealism for dear life, and you’re just glad to watch passionate people express their innermost thoughts in a sensitive environment. After all, there’s no better feeling for those who perpetually feel misunderstood than being in the company of other misunderstood, sensitive artists.


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