Uchi No Neko: The Cat House Cafe (and Hotel) Now Open in Katipunan

After it’s boom in Japan, more and more cat cafes have also started opening here in Manila. Though most if not all of them will probably have several cat themed furniture and actual cats running around, each cafe still has its own uniqueness to offer. Uchi No Necko for example has more of an anime theme to its cafe.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of visiting this adorable cat cafe in Katipunan. It’s pretty easy to find as it is right across Ateneo, beside the huge National Bookstore. Uchi No Neko or The Cat House Cafe began when a group of animal-loving friends started toying with the concept of building a cat cafe, cat hotel, adoption center and events/art gallery space all in one venue back in 2013. It wasn’t until June 2015 and about 6 other cat cafes later that Uchi No Neko started taking shape.


Uchi No Neko: Cats

The Cat House Cafe has about 15 cats inside their restaurant daily. To minimize stress, they bring in different cats on different dates and keep it to a minimum.  All the cats you’d see roaming around are up for adoption. Some are from private owners while most come from the Philippine Animal Rescue Team or PART. All interested adopters will go through a process to ensure that the cats will really be in good hands after adoption. The cats are simply adorable and will provide unlimited cuddles and purrs that will definitely touch your heart. While waiting to find their forever homes, the cats will stay at the cafe where they are well taken care of.

The-Cat-House-Cafe-21This chubby one just sat there ALL day! hehe



The-Cat-House-Cafe-23The little brown kitty above named Baloney seems to be smiling, don’t you think?


The-Cat-House-Cafe-25Got a kiss from this sweetheart, Baloney!

Uchi No Neko: Cafe Interiors and Design

Besides the main attraction – the cute kitties, I also love how the entire place was designed not just for the human visitors but for the kitty residents. Uchi No Neko is designed to be a cat lover’s haven with over one hundred square meters of dining and cat interaction space. The Cat House is furnished with comfortable, cat-themed seats, tables for dining, and surrounded by custom-made feline friendly furniture, including overhead kitty highways, play areas, cat gyms, and even human-sized hammocks and swings. Moreover, they have a balcony with potted plants where the cats can go to get fresh air or do their business.




“We wanted to provide top-quality service and go beyong the usual quaint cat cafe. Uchi No Neko is also a venue for arts, crafts, and literature workshops and seminars, as well as a gallery for cat artworks from different artists. We also provide opportunities for small businesses to showcase and sell their unique and certified kitty-themed merchandise and help spread the word about their ventures.”


The-Cat-House-Cafe-05  The-Cat-House-Cafe-07


Uchi No Neko: Food and Drinks

Of course, a cafe wouldn’t be complete without some grub. While the main attraction will definitely be the cats, Uchi No Neko’s food is definitely worth a little time in the spotlight. Their food and drinks were all developed the their cat-loving kitchen staff, hence, they’re all kitty-themed! They look so good you wouldn’t want to eat them!









Uchi No Neko: 9 Suite Cat Hotel

Since the cafe primarily caters to cat-loving fur-parents, Uchi No Neko has a 9-suite cat hotel on a separate floor from the cafe area where you can entrust your feline babies while you’re away on vacation or work. Their floor-to-ceiling enclosures provide a comfortable, safe environment for their feline hotel guests, with a 24-hour staff to attend each and every client’s needs.

Cat HotelPhoto taken from Uchi no Neko FB page

The Cat House Cafe is one of the best places to go to take the stress away. More than the relaxing environment, a little play time with the adorable kitties will definitely help you forget about your worries. Who knows, maybe one of them will go home with you in your next visit? What I especially love about this place is that the owners, one of whom is Cha Laxamana, opened this cafe NOT to make a business or earn extra profit (that’s just a bonus), but primarily to help the hundreds of stray cats find their forever home.

Uchi No Neko: The Cat House Cafe

2nd Floor, 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (in front of Ateneo, beside National bookstore)

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