WATCH: This Pinoy Poet Just Summed Up All Your Hugot Feelings In The Best Way


Would you believe that this video has gotten over 54,000 shares??

This heart-wrenching spoken word poem is written and performed by Juan Miguel Severo, a member of local spoken word poetry group “Words Anonymous” at Sev’s Cafe. The poem deals with heartbreak, perfectly expressed in the anguish, anger and frustration some of us know all too well. (See?! It’s even making me pull out all the feels too!!)

The poem is peppered with golden lines such as “Ayaw ko maging mahalaga. Ang gusto ko… ay mahalin. Ang kailangan ko… ay mahalin.” But simply talking about it is not enough, so you just HAVE TO WATCH it below to see for yourself and witness ALL the emotions unfold in this precious video clip:

To whom would you dedicate this poem to?? Comment below… or tag if you dare!!


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