Here’s Why You Need a Smart Trash Can

Welcome to 2021, when everything is automated and everyone has transformed their homes into smart homes. Smart fans, smart lights, smart speakers–and now, even trash cans are smart! Do you really need it though? We found this one on Lazada and checked the specs to figure it out for you. So without further ado, here are a few pros when you buy a smart trash can.

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3. You never have to touch dirty garbage lids again.

Smart trash cans are called smart for a reason–they are self-sealing. You will not have to touch the lid because they have motion sensors. By simply moving your hand within 6 to 30cm, this kitchen bins’ lid will automatically open for your convenience. The infrared sensor can automatically recognize your hand and keep the lid open until you move away or after 5 seconds of inactivity. You also will not need an extra hand to throw your trash, you can just trigger the sensor using your foot or knee. 😉

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2. It’s cute!

This EcoDigital Dust Bin comes in 3 colors–white, blue, and pink– so you can choose one that will match the room’s aesthetic. It measures 30cm tall, 24cm wide, 17cm long, and has a 14L (3.7 gallons) capacity to meet your everyday disposal needs. Actually, you can even use it as a storage bucket to store and organize other things like clothes, toys, and food.

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1. It’s on sale!

Right now, it’s 57% off on Lazada from its original price of Php 1,499. However, you can buy it for an even lower price of only 625.69 pesos from June 6 to 8 on Lazada’s 6.6. Mid-year sale!

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