Here’s an example of how inhumane some anti-fans are

Korean singer Yunho from the legendary k-pop group TVXQ was once targetted by an anti-fan.


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Back in 2006, the culprit disguised herself as a fan and gave the now 33-year-old singer a bottle of orange juice as a gift. Yunho, not aware of the “fan’s” true intentions, drank the bottled juice before realizing halfway that something was wrong with his “drink.”

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The orange juice was mixed with super glue. The singer was then rushed to the hospital, and reportedly even coughed blood. He said in KBS 2TV’s “Story Show Do Dream,” “I received orange juice from someone who I thought was a staff member, but suddenly I ended up coughing up blood and I vomited and passed out.”

Yunho eventually developed panic disorder due to the unfortunate incident. He then talked about how he overcame the trauma that came with the experience. He said, “At first I got angry, but when I heard that the anti-fan couldn’t stand how I laughed and talked because of [his/her] own hard life, I thought I might cause [them] harm. After that happened, I would avoid people, and when I was in a similar place or saw similar items, my heart would respond first by beating fast. To overcome my panic disorder, I drank up to 10 [bottles] of orange juice a day, and I felt better.”

What are other super crazy fan and anti-fan stories that you’ve heard before?