Here’s 10 of the most cliche resolutions and why we have to keep on making them

I’ll admit, I used to hate resolutions. I was one of those people who’d go “you can make a resolution any time of year!” Now I see how the sense of ‘starting over’ is an important factor.

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It’s not just being more motivated to stick to resolutions, but also better discerning what you need. This is why I think any resolution has value, even the overused ones — or especially those ones. So we’ve compiled 10 resolutions (in no particular order) to show why you should continue making them, however cliche they are.

10. “I’ll start working out!”

There are only two outcomes to this resolution: you become fit or you accept your body the way it is. Think about it — either the resolution sticks and you gym more often, or you realize that being content with yourself is so much easier. The move towards either option might be incremental, but it’s still something. So whether this resolution works out or not, there’s something to gain for you.

9. “I’m going to stop procrastinating!”

I’m not a big believer in the idea that you have to do all of your work, right away, all the time. I think we all have to find our own rhythm when it comes to working. This resolution helps you do that — in a backward way. Forcing yourself to get over procrastinating helps you explore what working environment best works for you and how to draw out the best possible work ethic.

8. “I’ll be on time!”

Given the cultural reality of ‘Filipino Time’, I feel like this is something all of us say every year. It’s also something we (most likely) fail at every year. But no matter how many appointments we miss, or meetings we start late, it’s a resolution we have to keep on promising. Doing so helps us remember the value of time. It keeps us aware that each minute we miss isn’t just affecting us, but also all the commitments and people we’re letting down.

7. “I’ll save more money!”

In the lull between Christmas and New Years people often dwell on the huge amount they’ve just spent and swear to be more frugal in the new year. It usually only takes a few months to forget this promise and I think that’s because there’s an inevitable need to spend. What the resolution does then is to remind us to at least spend our money well. You become more conscious of what you spend on. Even if you might not actually spend less, at least your purchases will mean more.

6. “I want to travel more!”

This is the one that’s on my list every year. Sometimes I get to fulfill it, but sometimes I don’t — and that’s okay. The reason it’s a constant in my list is that I think we need to believe the best for the coming year. It’s good for you to have plans and dreams for the next year, no matter how terrible the previous one was. It helps you be excited about life, and I think we could all use that.

5. “I need to see my loved ones more often!”

In a world that’s increasingly prioritizing career and success over personal relationships, it’s hard to find time for the people who matter to you the most. Just the realization that you should check in with your friends or family is a big step nowadays. And following through on the resolution helps you learn to make most of the little time you can afford them. That, or you find new ways to bond with them!

4. “I’ll stop wasting time!”

More than anything, what this resolution does is redefine what it means to “spend time wisely” for you. You might promise this with the thought of spending less time online or focusing more on work, but doing either doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve managed your time any better. It’s the failure of this resolution that’s most important. You realize that as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing, then that’s worth the time.

3. “I’m going to be healthier!”

At the very least this shows you’re conscious of what your body needs. From stopping vices to eating healthier, a change of lifestyle helps you be more aware of what your body can or cannot take. Faltering steps or even outright failures are expected, but what’s important is getting back up after and trying a new version. Knowing your limits also means knowing how far you can truly change. So you might not be able to quit smoking but you can decrease the number of sticks per day. Or if going full-on vegetarian is too much, that’s why we have pescatarians! 

2. “I’m going to try something new!”

Being one of the vaguer ones off the list also means being easier to pull off. Trying new things can be as extravagant or as simple as you want it to be. The beauty in that is that this resolution also has you appreciating the little things a lot more. You start to notice new experiences and sensations even when they’re as mundane as trying a new form of public transportation or watching a new show. While the big things help you to be a little braver in every decision.

1. “I have to put myself first.”

The ability to make this resolution is valuable in itself. Being able to look at yourself and say “I deserve better” is a monumental step towards self-love. It is one of the hardest things to realize, and even harder to accept. Every little choice and action just begins to fall into place after — with a few missteps here and there. So no matter how cliche this becomes I hope people never stop saying it.

What’s your favorite cliche resolution? Let us know in the comments!


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