Here are the Restaurants You Should Eat at When You’re in Iloilo!

Iloilo Festive Walk

There’s plenty of good food to eat in Iloilo but if you don’t have enough time to explore the city, we recommend that you go to Iloilo Festive Walk, a mall located at the Iloilo Business Park. It may be a mall but it’s a treasure trove of good eats!

Here are some of our recommended restaurants in Iloilo, the city of love:

Iloilo Festive Walk is home to a variety of restaurants serving cuisines from Filipino to Korean.

Start your day right at Dova Brunch Cafe, with its hearty meals and all-day breakfast offers. Love a good breakfast? Have them here any time of the day!

Pair that with good coffee at 13th Street Espresso, which also has Korean food and snacks like their popular honey bread. If you’re in the mood for dessert, get their bingsu, Korea’s version of shaved ice dessert!

If you’re craving for more Korean food, head on over to Jip Bap, where you can have classics like pajeon (savory pancakes) and bibimbap.

For something traditional, there’s Teodorico‘s rice meals. Don’t forget to try their best-selling la paz batchoy!

For something light, there’s Book Latte for a hot cup of coffee and a good book. They also have snacks that are not to be missed and are best enjoyed in this cozy cafe.

And if you’re in the mood for something healthy, we recommend Farm to Table, which sources local, seasonal, and fresh farm products daily for their menu. They have everything from brunch to dinner, coffee, and craft beer!

In the afternoon, perk yourself up at Barista Grounds Fit Cafe, where you can get healthy eats like salads and delicious rice meals. There’s zero deprivation here.

Before you head home, stop by Tinukib Pasalubong Center for Iloilo delicacies you can bring home as pasalubong.

Discover Iloilo’s newest go-to place, Iloilo Festive Walk. Here, you’ll never go hungry!

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