Here are the Reasons Why the COVID-19 Pandemic is an Issue of Class Struggle

On raging political conversations

Social media has paved the way for support, donation drives, and initiatives to help medical workers which show the inherent Bayanihan of Filipinos during trying times like these. It also served as a platform to reach out to those who are gravely affected by the situation and to voice out their concerns to LGUs. However, the presence of political conversations that can be quite toxic in social networking sites is inevitable but necessary. Without criticism and protesting, mobilizations to better our dear country’s situation will not push through.


Everyone is allowed to voice out informed and critical opinions because it helps in garnering responses and improvements on the administration’s responsibility for the welfare of Filipinos. On the other hand, people trying to take pride in their political views by propagating fake news and making false statements without factual basis that spread unnecessary hate will just continue to impose social division online. Not only will it promote unethical and unhelpful online behavior, but it may also misinform and therefore manipulate those without enough media literacy to discern real from fake news. 

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Filipinos should realize that the duties they placed on the administration’s shoulders should not be viewed as a burden, but an oath that their leaders have taken to improve the lives of Filipinos. They shouldn’t always view them as their heroes but as their servants who should render servitude worthy of the taxes the people pay with their hard-earned money. Filipinos should realize how much power they have in their hands the moment they vote for these officials. 


They should allow themselves to deserve better governance by questioning the decisions made and policies implemented especially in terms of the inclusivity of the measures undertaken as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their obligation is to help the government address the pandemic by asserting needs and concerns to ensure that fellow Filipinos are well-tended and are not required to go outside just to fill their empty stomachs. No one should be left behind regardless of age, class, race, gender, location, and worldview.  

How can we help?

Now that enhanced community quarantine is implemented, it is up to the national government and the LGUs to tend to the welfare of the people they vowed to serve. This is an opportune time for those with enough capabilities to exercise compassion and empathy by donating to the underprivileged, to our front liners, and to the homeless. If you think you have enough food and medical supplies at home, you can refuse accepting relief goods and request to give it to families who are more needy. 

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Sharing reliable updates regarding COVID-19 and disseminating links of donation drives is one salient contribution that an ordinary citizen can do. Actively pointing out the flaws and calling out the insufficiencies of the government while understandingly abiding by the guidelines imposed are also incredibly helpful and will ultimately aid those who are more susceptible to the virus.

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There will never be complaints and protests if all Filipinos are given the service they truly deserve regardless of their position in the class hierarchy. A man’s political views won’t matter if he remains drunk by privilege to remain unbothered towards those with worse realities than his. Let’s all rise above COVID-19 by uplifting our fellow countrymen with us through keeping an open mind and maintaining an altruistic mindset. Keep safe everyone!