Here’s How You Can Help The Philippines Get More COVID-19 Test Kits

Living under the stress of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been a trial for us all. A big part of the anxiety most people are feeling is the sense of helplessness and inability to do anything meaningful. But each one of us has the capability to enact small changes, whether by donation or by sharing a call to action.

(Here’s How You Can Help Our Health Workers and Frontliners Fighting COVID-19)

The One Nation Against COVID-19 Project seeks your help in sharing their message and inviting donations for the GenAmplify COVID-19 real-time RT-PCR test kits.

Dr. Raul Destura, who developed the local COVID-19 test kids, writes on their Facebook page:

For the past several weeks, the country has faced its share of the now globally declared pandemic of the Coronavirus Virus Disease of 2019 or the COVID-19 brought about by the novel SARS CoV 2 virus. The mass hysteria it generated created a polarizing environment in the country that clearly speaks about the importance of preparedness in responding to global emerging infectious disease emergencies.

As the pioneering University of the Philippine’s spin-off research & development biotech company in health diagnostics, we contributed our share by responding to this call in collaboration with the University of the Philippines’ National Institutes of Health and Philippine Genome Center by creating a diagnostic technology platform and this time for the COVID – 19.

Since the launch of the GenAmplify COVID-19 real-time RT-PCR test kits, the company and its team have gathered an unprecedented amount of support from both government and private sectors. It warms our heart that both the government and private sectors have expressed their willingness to support our efforts to serve our country.

In reality, the support of both government and private sector is very crucial for a problem of this magnitude. While the government is exerting all efforts to address the control of this epidemic, the private sector is also willing to share in these ongoing efforts. With all of the negativity and fear floating around, perhaps it’s time that we share a little bit of hope, a little bit of fire, a little bit of drive for all of us to be together, hand in hand (oops no hand touching!), with one mind, one heart, One Nation Against the COVID-19!

The One Nation Against COVID -19 project is a “Purchase-Donation” project that for every donor that purchases the kits, the Manila Healthtek Inc., in behalf of the donor will donate COVID-19 RT-PCR kit to the target testing sites.

We will create an online transparency diagnostic kit stockpiling dashboard that presents the total number of kits manufactured through government support, kits manufactured through private donors, number of kits distributed to the testing centers.

We will seek support from TV stations, artists performing in their homes to make home quarantine cool! And science and health experts providing advisories that are less apocalyptic but rather more informative.

We have received support from shipping companies that volunteered to ship our products to the target testing centers all over the country.

Our country needs a little bit of perking up to somehow untangle the tension and feelings of uncertainty. People need not live in fear. We wish to bring both government and private sector to work as one in the spirit of true unity and collaboration to fight this epidemic. One Nation against the COVID-19!


Should you wish to make a donation you may message the One Nation Against COVID-19 Project Facebook page directly.

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