Here Are Fun and Different Workouts to Try This 2018

2018 has just begun, and chances are you’ve listed getting fit or losing weight as one of your New Year’s resolution. But while those who aren’t so inclined towards fitness might find hitting the gym a bit of a chore, the good news is you can work out and burn those calories while having fun. Whether you’re a newbie looking for the perfect workout that best suits your personality, or a fitness nut just looking for more variety, we’ve listed some of the most interesting workouts you can try this year.

Cycling – Ride Revolution


Cycling or spinning has never been this engaging. Ride Revolution provides an exhilarating 50-minute workout that burns the calories and turns up the fun with toning exercises set to upbeat music that’s never the same each session. Ride Revolution also makes use of cleated shoes to increase the connection between the leg and the bike so your glutes and hamstrings are better engaged.

Pole Dancing – Chrome Divas

Come on, guys, it’s 2018: you should know better by now that pole dancing isn’t for strippers anymore. The fun yet challenging sport has inspired both men and women to try pole dancing. Pole dancing allows for a high-intensity workout and strong core and leg training, which means hello abs and shapely legs. Plus, getting to climb all the way to the top of the pole? It’s much harder than it looks, and it’s one heck of an achievement if you get to do it.

Boxing/Muay Thai – Empire Boxing

Empire Boxing Pasig 7

Boxing and muay thai have long shed off its exclusively male image, with a huge number of women taking them up. Boxing is a fast-paced sport that provides a burst in activity with short intervals of rest in between, burning a lot of calories in practically half the time. The sport also works out your arms, shoulders, back, core, and legs for an overall toned look.

Boxing and muay thai share some key similarities, and some background in boxing can supplement your muay thai training. Meanwhile, muay thai is a hardcore martial art that utilizes attacks from your fists, knees, elbows, and feet. Like boxing, it engages several muscle groups at once, and allows for stronger legs and better hip mobility from all those roundhouse kicks.

Parkour training – Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy Parkour

You’ve seen parkour in the movies or on Youtube videos, and you’ve thought to yourself: this looks pretty cool. We get you completely. Parkour definitely has the visual appeal, but it’s also an incredibly challenging sport. But if you’ve always wanted to be a ninja, then check out the Ninja Academy, founded by the Philippine Parkour Freerunning Association. Their signature class, Gauntlet, allows for 30 minutes of circuit training followed by a 30-minute obstacle course challenge (think American Ninja Warrior). There’s even an exclusive program called the NinjaFit program, a 6-month weight loss or muscle gain program that lets you gain your ninja-bod with calisthenics and parkour.


tate ufc 205

Love a good MMA fight? MMA, short for Mixed Martial Arts, employs all sorts of moves such as striking and grappling from a wide array of disciplines, building strength and stamina to kick some serious butt. Head straight to the lion’s den at UFC Gym Philippines, offering a wide variety of martial arts to train in, whether you’re headed for the Octagon or looking for a killer workout.

Which of these are you trying out? Let us know!