HELP: This Cubao Dog is Getting Weaker But His Buddy Will Not Leave His Side

We received an urgent call for help through one of our niche pages, When in Manila Pets & Animals. An animal lover, who feeds stray animals in her neighborhood as part of her advocacy, discovered two traumatized dogs hiding under one of the cars in her street.

She named them Tandem Brown and Tandem White.


According to Leny, Tandem White looked like he was in bad condition. His buddy refused to leave him, though.


Yesterday, Tandem White finally got out from under the car and approached Leny who had been leaving them food. On closer inspection, he looked worse. His head is bowed and his tail is hanging below between his legs. He looked miserable. Both dogs are just skin and bones.

The reporter has been doing her best to care for the dogs but they need vetting, especially Tandem White. She has already managed to get friends to pledge funds for vetting but she needs help transporting the dogs to the nearest vet and then someone to foster them.

They are located in Project 4 in Quezon City, near Cubao.

If you can help, please contact Leny through her Facebook account. You can also help by sharing this story to increase the chances of it reaching the right people.

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