HELP: Mother Seeks Help for 3 Year Old Son Who Needs Surgery

HELP Mother Needs Help for 3 Year Old Son Who Needs Surgery


Social media is a powerful tool that can bridge people and help those in need. We hope that this post can help this mother, who is asking for the Internet’s assistance for funding for her three year old son, who needs a surgery.

Irma Katrina shared this post on Facebook:


une 5, 2012 I gave birth to Javier, a beautiful baby boy. A few hours in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, he turned blue (cyanotic) and through a series of tests, doctors said he has a Congenital Heart Defect called TETRALOGY OF FALLOT. While the doctor was explaining to me what was wrong with his heart and what can be done, I tried to fight the tears that seemed endless at that time. It gave me sleepless nights thinking about what the doctor said and what could possibly happen to him. The lack of oxygen circulating in his blood meant that he can’t get tired from moving, crying or laughing. His blue lips would make people think he ate this blue lip staining candy, until I tell them his heart condition. Praying was the only thing I can do against postpartum depression.


She decided to quit her job so she can take better care of Javier.


The unimaginable happened November of the same year. I had a mild stroke and was diagnosed with Endocarditis. I, too, urgently needed an open heart surgery for a valve replacement. The money intended for Javier’s surgery was used for my own heart surgery. Javier is now 3 years old, and is in need of Total Correction for him to be able to go to school, play with his brother and live a normal healthy life. Despite of our situation, I am very thankful to our Lord Almighty for helping me take care of Javier. He did not need an oxygen tank that went with him all the time or a surgery to help his heart function. Now, I pray that he only needs one major surgery to prolong his life.


For those who would like to donate, you may click this link or contact Irma Katrina on Facebook to get her account number.