HEARTBREAKING: Lifeless Dugong Floats Tangled in Nets

This video was posted by the Philippine Surfing Academy on Facebook this morning.

Jay-ar Clarito, the one who took the video, shows here the lifeless body of a dugong floating around with nets tangled all over it.

It’s very heartbreaking to see, because it reminded me of the beautiful underwater wildlife I saw on my past dives. It reminded me of the lovely view under the sea. I love the sea so much and it would really break me to see something like this.

Dugongs are adorable. They’re cute and next to harmless as long as we don’t disturb their peace. What’s even more heartbreaking is that dugongs are endangered. Their species are very vulnerable and are quickly declining due to being hunted for their meat and oil.

Let this be a (harsh) reminder to all of us.

In this planet, we are coexisting with these wonderful creatures. They let us live our lives fruitfully and in peace, so let’s respect them as well. This dugong’s death is another death caused by human selfishness, and it’s heartbreaking that this continues to happen.

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We are deeply saddened by the death of this peaceful creature. May you be safe and in peace across the rainbow bridge, dear dugong.


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