READ: An Important Message From A Diver

The sea is such a beautiful place. I’m sure we all love beaches and some of us love to explore its hidden wonders just like Gela Petines, a diver who has an important message to tell us.

On her Facebook account, she shared an album with a couple of reminders on how every one of us can help in saving marine life.

Here are some of the photos and their corresponding captions:


“So I love diving, but I see this ALL THE TIME.”


“Think about it: Every single straw you have ever used in your life still exists. Every piece of plastic you use will outlive you. A lot of them also end up in the ocean.”

“Bring your own container or use an in-house mug. Zero waste like a boss.” (Her response to, “But how am I supposed to sip the pearls in my milktea?”)


“So pulot lang ako ng pulot kahit alam kong milyon milyon ang tapon lang ng tapon kasi gusto ko mabuhay tayo lahat ng matagal at masaya habang hindi sinasakripisyo ang kalidad ng pamumuhay ng iba at ng sarili natin. This is not just for the turtles, whales, myself, or my family. It’s for you and you. And I hope you do this for yourself and others, too.

As long as people stay short-sighted and look the other way after throwing single-use plastics, the few of us who care about the stability and integrity of life will keep picking these up in the sea while hoping that none of the animals eat them or get stuck in them first.”

For the full album, check out her post.

Lastly, here’s another relevant caption on one of the photos:

“Remember that every piece of plastic you throw away ends up somewhere and could kill something.

Plastics last for hundreds of years. The Philippines alone already has over 900 dumpsites. We can’t just keep making more or dump them in the sea. We don’t have to keep producing a lot of permanent trash.” – Gela Petines

I’ve always had an affinity with the sea and just the mere sight of it gives me peace. Reducing plastic consumption will not only help out the ocean and its inhabitants. It will help Mother Nature in general, too.

So, let’s start today, shall we?


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