Heart Evangelista Reveals Most Expensive Gift She Received From Chiz Escudero

Among the series of questions on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” was what was Senator Chiz Escudero’s most expensive gift Heart Evangelista received from her husband. Although briefly, I got to thinking, “yeah, what would you give to your partner who’s a luxury celebrity influencer and hustles to get just precisely what she wants?” And like the graceful lady that she is, she quickly responded, “Peace of mind”–which totally made sense to me. Something that money can’t buy is absolutely more expensive than anything in the world.


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Interviewed by “Asia’s King of Talk,” Heart did not get away with some of the most intimate details about her and the senator. Questioned for Chiz’s sexiest body part, Heart revealed, “his brains.” In line with this answer, Heart said that the best advice she received from Escudero is that “everything is fleeting.”

Of course, Abunda’s trademark sizzling questionnaire includes “lights on or lights off?” and “best time for happiness?” To which, Heart answered “on” and “morning” respectively. You might be wondering about her answer to “happiness or chocolates?” as well, but I think it needed to be expounded so you just have to watch the full interview and let us know what you think about it!

As for the wholesome relationship questions, here are a couple of her beautiful responses! When asked to define love, she said that “you cannot,” while when asked about how she loves a person, she declared “I’d give up the world.”

Watch “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” featuring Heart Evangelista below:

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