Health Rituals to Put in Practice This Year to Keep Your Well-Being in Check

Now more than ever, Filipinos are realizing just how important caring for our health really is. In the fast-paced world we used to live in pre-pandemic, health used to take the backseat. It is something we really took for granted.

As we enter this new year, we hope you start it with resolutions that include looking after yourself more and prioritizing your health. Health is our best wealth, after all, and is the way we can live good lives with the people we love.

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Always keep your well-being in check this year. Here are health rituals to put into practice this year 2021 and beyond!

Establish a good daily oral care routine.

Everyone nowadays can be so particular with their nightly skincare routine, but how many are also paying attention to their mouth and teeth? Oral care seems to be an aspect of self-care that can be so easily overlooked. And the thing is, it’s the one that can be really painful or bothersome (and not to mention expensive) when given insufficient or improper care. #MakeTheUpgrade today and switch to a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash that are as effective as the highly-rated skincare products you use. Your teeth deserve as much care, too!

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For a good daily oral care routine, there is no arguing that Oral-B Philippines is the best in that department. Whether it’s for better cleaning, whitening, or just daily protection, their products are ones you can trust to give you the results you need. For better cleaning, there’s the Charcoal White Toothbrush, which has Cross-Action bristles made with patented technology. This technology angles the bristles in a way that makes them fit better between the teeth, for a deeper clean that can actually remove plaque compared to a regular toothbrush.

On the other hand, there’s the new Oral-B 3D White Mouthwash that can help whiten the teeth in as fast as just seven days. And compared to other mouthwash, this one is made with ZERO alcohol for a gentler rinsing experience—meaning no burning sensation when you use it. Plus, priced at only P249, Oral-B’s 3D White Mouthwash means no more teeth whitening sessions that can be tedious, unsafe, and also expensive.

Lastly, to complete your oral care routine, make sure you protect yourself with daily teeth repair using the new Oral-B Gum & Teeth Enamel Repair. With all the food and drinks we consume every day, our teeth are constantly exposed to sweet and acidic treats that can cause damage over time. Oral-B Gum & Teeth Enamel Repair helps prevent the erosion of our teeth’s protective coating or enamel, and consequently avoid cavities as well.

Get Oral-B at drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores nationwide, and online on Lazada at

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Give yourself the gift of preparedness against sickness.

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but this is just a fact we all probably know by now — this pandemic will not be ending any time soon. Even as the vaccine rolls out, it is still a long road back to the old life we used to know. As we navigate more into the new normal, the best way we can really keep ourselves and our loved ones safe is through preparedness.

COCOGEN familyWatch COCOGEN Insurance’s COVID-19 Assist+ video here.

COCOGEN Insurance, one of the largest and most trusted non-life insurance companies in the Philippines, offers COVID-19 Assist+, a personal accident insurance plan that provides cash assistance for the insured in case of COVID-19. Aside from financial protection from an accident, COVID-19 Assist+ offers hospital allowance for a maximum of 15 days, as well as cash assistance. This insurance plan was awarded Most Innovative New Non-Life Insurance Product for 2020 by the UK-based International Finance Magazine.

And here’s the best part. As COCOGEN has always operated with compassion and care for Filipinos at its core, they wanted COVID-19 Assist+ to be accessible to all Pinoys, therefore offering it at very affordable packages. You can get a basic plan for as low as Php 50, and a prime package at only Php 75. This gives the insured a coverage of up to three months, with a chance to renew upon expiration.

Life goes on, but you and your loved ones deserve to feel secure as we all learn to thrive in the new normal. Let this be the best health ritual you practice this year and the years to come. Get your COVID-19 Assist+ here.

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Spare time for skincare, but not just for your face.

Skincare seems to be at the forefront of today’s self-care revolution, but it seems many people are forgetting that skincare should go beyond just the face. After all, we do have the skin on our shoulders and down to our toes that need the same level of TLC, too!

The past year has been a really stressful time, and when our bodies experience stress, one of the first areas it manifests is on our skin. Have you been experiencing this, too? Have you been noticing your skin turning dry or dull? If the answer is yes, then this is a clear cut sign that your skin is calling out for your attention and asking for care.

Duru Soap

This year, don’t forget to spare time for skincare that goes beyond just your face. For all-around skincare, Duru Philippines offers naturally-made, organic face and body soap. They come in two variants — if your skin is feeling a little dry and dull, try Blooming White, which contains glycerin and Italian olive oils that help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. This translucent soap also contains olive leaves that contain natural exfoliants to help your skin look more blooming rather than dull.

On the other hand, if what you want is a hydrating soap that also brightens your skin, Duru’s White Brilliance which contains a powerful combination of lemon, Italian olive oils, and Vitamins A, C, and E is for you. White Brilliance was made for superior whitening and moisturizing, and results in fresh, glowing skin.

#BloomWithDuru this 2021 by taking good care of your skin. Shop Duru at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, or online at Lazada and Shoppee

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Make it a habit to disinfect.

Hospitals have been utilizing the power of UV lights for years in disinfecting their equipment and rooms, but you’ve probably seen smaller-scale versions of it a lot on your social media feed since the pandemic started. But have you ever wondered what they really do and how they actually work?

UV lights, or ultraviolet lights, are a type of electromagnetic radiation that the sun emits or from other man-made sources. The kind of UV rays used in disinfecting UV lights are called the UVC, which emits energy so high that they can break down molecular bonds that hold DNA together, including those of viruses and bacteria. This is what makes them so effective in decontaminating and disinfecting.

128451433 2740893956173712 7909541867854459211 nImage: Microlab Philippines Facebook

But not all UV lights are made equal. If you are thinking of getting one, the safest and best way is to get if from trusted sources of medical and scientific equipment. Here in the country, Microlab Philippines offers laboratory tested and calibrated UV lights called MBLI UV-Sterilights that you can be sure are effective and safe to use. It is important to note that UV lights can be seriously damaging, so proper handling is of utmost importance. Microlab provides proper orientation to their clients to prevent accidents.

There are two types of MBLI UV-Sterilights you can look into. First is the Lamp Type PTX-100, which is perfect for personal and home use. With a disinfecting radius of up to 40 square meters, this can be used in specific rooms around the house, offices, restrooms, or car interiors. It can also be used to disinfect your personal items like gadgets, money, keys, utensils, groceries, packages, and more. This Lamp Type UV light is equipped with safety features such as a safety delay start-up and motion sensor to eliminate exposure to the light.

For bigger spaces, the Cart Type CAR-150-07R is more suitable. Covering up to 200 square meters of disinfection, this UV light is perfect for clinics or hospitals, restaurants, salons and spas, gyms, hotels, supermarkets, and other establishments. But it can still be used at home for disinfecting your house and for your personal items. This Cart Type UV light is equipped with a safety delay start-up.

Both lamps are true germicidal operating at UVC 253.7 nm (which simply means they’re really good), are ozone-free (no harmful by-products), and come with a remote control and timer function. Get one now at Microlab Philippines.

MBLI UV-Sterilights by Microlab Philippines
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Which health ritual are you committing to practice this year? Share it this us in the comments!

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