Health Bistro: Get Fit The Delicious Way!

Once upon a time, I weighed 117 pounds. While it may not seem much, it’s actually pushing overweight status for someone of my height– a little under 5 feet.


 But thanks to a magical thing called diet and exercise, I whittled down to 100 pounds!

There’s a saying that “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”, and that’s true! The best way to get fitter is through a combination of exercise, as well as the right diet. You could be breaking out in so much sweat at the gym, but if your eating habits haven’t changed, then you’re basically wasting your energy. 

Health Bistro

The key to eating clean when you’re starting out on your fitness journey is to train yourself to eat the right kinds of food first— then all the other nitty gritty stuff comes in later. 

But what’s a beginner to do when there are so many things to learn about dieting— from the different kinds of diet such as South Beach and Atkins, to calorie counting… where do you even start? 

Health Bistro 3

Texas BBQ Pulled Porkloin. From the name alone, it sounds so good, plus the meat is tender and flavorful– who says healthy food is bland?

This is where Health Bistro becomes the ultimate lifesaver to a fitness nut’s woes!

Health Bistro is a weekly healthy food delivery service that has got you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They do all the work that you would otherwise have to spend so much time researching on if you’re just starting out— from making sure you’re getting proper nutrition, to the calorie counting. Really, your only job from now on is to make sure that you’re eating at the right time!

Health Bistro’s meals are so delicious, it’s almost hard to believe that they’re healthy… but they are! This makes it so much easier for those who have yet to get used to eating clean, eat right! Healthy and delicious don’t have to be separate after all. 

Health Bistro provides food from Monday to Friday, but delivers the food the night before. This means they start delivering on Sunday (for Monday), and end at Thursday for the Friday meals. They don’t deliver on the weekends, which means it’s cheat day on the weekend! (Remember though… while you can eat anything you want on a cheat day, you CAN’T eat in any portion you want! Watch your servings!)

Here are some of my favorites from the 15-day trial I did with them:

Health Bistro 5

My most favorite of them all, the chicken wrap on the left! Health Bistro makes really good wraps– they’re portable, hassle-free, and the sauces are really good!

Health Bistro 2

Their Cajun Chicken pasta is simply amazing!

Health Bistro pegs their meals at 1200 calories per day, which is the average intake of a woman looking to lose weight. Make sure that your meals are spaced out well at every 3-4 hours… Health Bistro also offers some snacks in between such as fruits and crackers, so you can curb your hunger in between meals. In 3 weeks, I managed to lose around 7 pounds, and this is with light exercise!

What’s more, Health Bistro prices their meals at 1700 pesos per week— that just amounts to a little over 100 pesos per meal every day! A lot of us pay this price for our meals anyway, and they make it more convenient by taking care of the budgeting that you would normally do every day. Just pay up once, and wait for the meals to come!

Who says getting fit can’t be hassle-free? Let Health Bistro take care of your meals… but remember to put in the work in working out! Check out their Instagram to find out how you can avail of their yummy and affordable delivery!

Health Bistro