Have You Met Jericho Rosales’ Son, Santino?

Santino Rosales Jericho

Two weeks ago, actor and heartthrob Jericho Rosales posted a picture of his son Santino on Instagram to greet him on his birthday. While we do know that Rosales has a son, the actor doesn’t post much pictures on social media for us to know what the boy looks like unless you’re a super fan. But now that Rosales has posted a photo of Santino, all we can say is: wow.

Here’s the photo that Rosales posted, and we can say that Santino got his good looks from his father.

For those who are not familiar with Santino, here’s a little background: he is Rosales’ child with Kai Palomares. Based on the boy’s Instagram account, he’s 17 years old and a varsity football player at Colegio San Agustin. He also plays football for Kaya Futball Club.

He doesn’t want to join showbiz, but he’s been modeling. He’s a member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and has done shows for designers Chris Diaz and Philip Rodriguez at the Manila Fashion Festival.

To see how handsome he is, check out some of his Instagram photos below:

Looks like there’s a new heartthrob in the Rosales family!