Have Natural-Looking Lash Extensions Ala Celebrity at Ayumi Eyelash Boutique

Ever wondered how and where celebrities and personalities like Denise Laurel, Arci Munoz, Gabbi Garcia, and Maggie Wilson got their doll-like lashes? We recently found where they had it and also tried it for ourselves to find out what it looks and feels like. Apparently, these are all from Ayumi Eyelash Boutique, a Filipino-owned eyelash extension and nail art salon that offers Japanese-quality services.

What sets Ayumi apart from numbers of salons nowadays that offer the same kind of services is their premium Japan-made lashes. These lashes feature a natural-looking appearance to anybody’s eyes. If they look gorgeous on your favorite celebrity’s eyes, it will definitely look wonderful on yours, too! Ayumi also gushes about how soft and easy-to-maintain these lashes are. They said you can wash your face without worrying about it and you can even swim these extensions on.

To prove this true, we tried one of their signature eyelash extension services, the Tres Structure Lash Extension with Ange Curl Natural (4500 PHP). I really looked forward to this since these extensions are said to be a crowd’s favorite. It consists of 3 sizes evenly distributed to make it more natural-looking and that’s why it’s called Tres Structure.

To begin, your natural lashes will be lifted using Ayumi’s products. Your lower lashes will be taped so they don’t get in the way. Will it hurt? Will sting? Definitely no. I assure you won’t feel anything but remember to keep your eyes shut throughout the process. You’ll even probably doze off because Ayumi’s got a really cozy Lazyboy chair where you’ll sit and have fluffy pillows and blankets. Once you wake up, you’ll be just glad to see your lash technician (who’s well-trained by a Japanese professional) made magic.

So it’s true! I like that these lashes are lightweight that you won’t even feel you have extensions on unlike the ones that I had before. Another great thing about having these extensions is Ayumi’s promise of not damaging your natural eyelashes. Our natural lashes fall off naturally every 4-6 weeks and your extensions will just go with it when it does because Ayumi uses premium glue. Just don’t rub your eyes or play with your lashes after!

Ayumi also advises doing a retouch every 10 days to ensure your lashes still look good. 

They also have nail services such as regular manicure and pedicure, gel manicure, Diamond gel manicure or pedicure, acrylic and polymer gel nails, nail art, and more. It sounds a nice idea to have your nails done as well while getting your lash extensions during your total pamper day. 

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wheninmanila.com’s COO Sky Gavin with Ayumi’s Ange Tres Lashes

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For girls who don’t like to put on makeup like me, having Ayumi’s Tres Structure lashes makes me get ready for the day without much hassle. Ready for your “Just Woke Up” and effortless look?  Book your lash extension appointment now with any of Ayumi branches near you. Lash extensions rates start at 1,000 Php and nail services rates start at 250 Php.

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