Study Shows That People Prefer Breaking Up Via Text or Social Media

Research published in a Havas Ortega Prosumer Report delves into the changing landscape of romance in this digital age.

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(What’s it like falling in love from thousands of miles away?)

The study uses data gathered from over 200 “Prosumer” respondents aged 18 and above. “Prosumer” refers to “leading influencers and market drivers who are ahead of mainstream consumers by around six to 18 months.”

With regard to online dating and social media, the majority of the respondents reported being open to flirting and dating online. 81% of the respondents admitted to using Facebook to do so, 26% use Instagram, while 11% even look to LinkedIn. And 66% believe that you would be able to find your soulmate on dating apps.

This receptivity towards pursuing romantic interests online doesn’t necessarily equate to ease in their love lives. 77% of the respondents feel that dating apps have made them more selective when it comes to dating. Apparently, this is because “the more options that people have, the more difficult it becomes to choose.”

Of course, this also has to do with 66% of them reporting that it is easier to break-up over text or social media.

Another area that the increased use of the internet and social media has affected is the personal beliefs individuals hold towards sex and identity. An overwhelming 89% of respondents say that there ought to be an improvement in sex education.

55% are in favor of allowing people to choose their gender as it represents progress for society. 72% also think that one should be able to have a child without being in love or having a relationship.

For dating apps, 81% see that they are useful for finding a partner with common interests. Despite that, dating apps are not the primary choice for seeking connections. 85% would rather trust their family as a source for romantic connections, while 79% rely on their friends. 36% put their stock in chance encounters and 29% on social media.

Ultimately, the study found that people, first and foremost, continue to have strong faith in love. Despite the trials that come with dating in the digital age – from ghosting to unclear intentions  – 100% of the respondents reported a belief in finding real love in the end.

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