Happy Cream Puff: A Pastry Haven For All Cream Puff Lovers

A sweet, chewy, custard-filled dessert? Definitely YES to that sweet treat! Cream puffs (profiteroles) are Italian desserts that are made from a choux pastry filled with custard and either left plain or garnished with an assortment of toppings like chocolate, caramel, and nuts to name a few.

When in Manila and looking for a good place to try one of these delectable pastries in the Metro, look no further and definitely go straight to Happy Cream Puff and give in to the craving and savor the experience.

Happy Cream Puff 07

Founded in 2006 by Mr. & Mrs. Harou and Maricel Yamagashi, Happy Cream Puff is the place to be to satisfy your cream puff cravings. They offer freshly-baked cream puffs and eclairs in a variety of flavors and sizes to choose from.

They have 10 branches here in Manila. Most are located in malls, which makes it more accessible to visit. Besides cream puffs, they also offer other items in other branches notably in the Shangri-La branch where they offer not only more desserts like cheesecakes and puddings, but also savory buffet as they target a wider audience.

Happy Cream Puff 12

Happy Cream Puff 01

From the moment I saw their desserts in their Facebook page, which has a whopping 110,000+ likes, I knew I had to write about them and immediately e-mailed them.

Recently, I visited their store located in Bel-Air, Makati City which is actually their first store. Though it’s a bit small, it is, nonetheless, a quaint, air-conditioned cafe where you can eat at with a friend or a significant other.

Their products are freshly-made. That, you can be sure of. Behind the counter, you can see some of the staff piping custard to the pastry, some dipping and glazing, while others ready them up for shipment to other branches. All of them work hard to accomplish their mission to “introduce cream puffs to the public.”

Happy Cream Puff 10Happy Cream Puff – Makati Branch

Happy Cream Puff 11

Most of their “new” offerings are only found in the Shangri-La branch. However, I did get to try their Petit Puffs which they say is their best-seller.

They have 14 flavors to choose from like Chocolate Cookie, Strawberry, Chocolate Chips, and Caramel to name a few. Each costs P25, but you can avail of their promos and get a discount when you buy a box-of-10 (P200) and save P50 or box-of-14 (P280) and save P70.

Happy Cream Puff 08

These miniature, bite-sized goodies definitely made my day and brought the inner happy child in me. It took me a while to choose a flavor to try since they all looked enticing.

I first tried the Dark Sweet Chocolate and it was literally a melt-in-your-mouth experience. The moment I took a bite, the chilled custard started to ooze out from the cream puff that made it all seem worthwhile. The pastry is lightly sweetened and easy to bite into. Though, unlike other cream puffs, it wasn’t meringue-like, but it still captures the essence of a puff pastry.

Happy Cream Puff 05Matcha (Green Tea)

Happy Cream Puff 03Strawberry

Happy Cream Puff 04Their best-seller, Caramel

Happy Cream Puff 09My personal favorite, Sliced Almond Chocolate

Happy Cream Puff 02Try their classic croquembouche, a tower of assorted, custard-filled petit puffs, that will surely make any celebration a ‘happy’ one.


A little advice: Consume immediately. When in room temperature, these cream puffs can only stand for at least 3 hours. Shelf life lengthens when refrigerated and can be stored for 2 days. I do recommend you eat it when it’s fresh or after refrigeration, so that the custard is cold when you take bite.



Happy Cream Puff
7224 Malugay st. cor. Buendia, Bel-Air, Makati City
Mon. – Sat. : 10AM to 9PM
Delivery Hotline: 817-4234 / 707-1263
Free delivery in Makati selected areas; Can deliver in Taguig, Pasay and Manila with 10% delivery service charge
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Happycreampuff