“Happy Bread Day” from Gardenia

When In Manila or anywhere around the Philippines, Filipinos or not, are bread lovers. The nutritional value, cost and convenience are just one of those many advantages and benefits we are receiving from eating bread not to mention giving us energy to succeed in our daily life. Wherever we are, it’s easily for us to grab and take a bite without a hassle. So truly, having the Largest manufacturing facility and most modern, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. is truly a blessing.

The Laguenos are proud once again to have Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. located at Binan, the city which is known as the “Trading and Commerce Center of the South”; “Home of the Famous Puto Biñan and Kakanin”and under Mayor Len Alonte.  Binan, one of the 5 cities in Laguna is happy having Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. not only because it gives pride to the province but because it gives opportunities and jobs for the residents of Binan and nearby communities.




Official Happy Bread Day poster of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc.



Thousands of bread lovers and their whole family visited a fun filled “Happy Bread Day” 2012 event under Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. at Eastwood City Mall Open Park in Libis, Quezon City last October 20, 2012. This event happened every year around the world as a meaningful and symbolic humanitarian act which is mostly every October 16 to celebrate “World Bread Day.”


World Bread Day celebration happened

every October 16




At the events entrance, a delightful registration booth surprised everyone upon signing with a Happy Bread Day Passport in which if one visited the booth and tasted the sample products with gardenia bread, the passport will received a stamp and along the way if received 5 stamps, there’s a claiming booth for a prize. Another surprised was received, a Php 30.00 worth of PLDT card for a free wifi connection which could be use anywhere with a PLDT wifi connection then a Gardenia crew welcomed everyone for a Gardenia Taste Surround 3D ( Delightful, Delicious, Delectable) Experience. In this booth, different LCD screens were showing the biggest bread plant and their modern facility which is the first in the Philippines and located at Binan, Laguna. The plant is open for group tour/organization from Sundays to Fridays between 7am to 4pm to view in actual and experience the largest and most modern bread factory in the Philippines and only at the heart of Laguna.





Happy Bread Day Passport




Different booths that was divided into four corners like Healthy corner for figure conscious and health conscious bread lovers, Savory corner, Beverage corner for the thirst quenching treat, Bread corner and Sweet corner for the sweet indulgence and provided everyone with a selection of treats using Gardenia breads which comprises mostly the support of different companies to Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. like Yakult, McCormick, Sony, Goya, Nissin Yakisoba, Lipton, Lady’s Choice, Argentina Corned-beef, CDO Bibbo Hotdog, Claraole, Century Tuna, Ovaltine, Nescafé Classic and Cheezwhiz Eden.


Bloggers came to experienced this fun filled Gardenia Bread day celebration



A stage was installed for the games and entertainment for the whole family with celebrity host Regine Tolentino and a participation of Drew Arrelano who was delighted when a group of Gardenia personnels asked for a photo opportunity after signing the Gardenia wall. Truly the event was memorable to everyone who attended this enjoyable one of a kind bread experience.

According to the President and General Manager of Gardenia Mr. Simplicio Umali Jr., ” We made sure that “Happy Bread Day” fair will not just be an enjoyable bread experience, but memorable as well as it aims to help the less-privileged kids. This has been our responsibility, our commitment to build a strong nation through nutrition and health.” Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. sold different varieties of breads that time and as the companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the portion of the profit from the loaf sold will be shared to our unfortunate brothers and sisters to help improve their lives.








Kids enjoyed the so many characters at the

Happy Bread Day event 




When In Manila last October 20, 2012, I made sure to be at the “Happy Bread Day” celebration of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc., the event truly not just to have fun but a celebration of sharing. As a Lagueno, I am truly thankful and grateful for having Gardenia Manufacturing plant at Binan City, I could bragged anywhere that the most modern and the largest bread plant is located just 45 minutes away from where I live. I salute Gardenia too for the effort of giving to the children with the CSR to give a portion of profit from the loaf sold from the event.


“Happy Bread Day” from Gardenia




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