Hangin Garden in Tagaytay is Like a Fairy Tale Waiting to be Discovered

Whether there is a chill or a sizzle in the air, Tagaytay is the go-to place for city folks wishing for a refreshing break. However, given the highland city’s popularity, the cost and availability of places to stay in may have become less friendly to those on a budget in recent years.

This is why my discovery of an incredible bed-and-breakfast in Tagaytay may come as a delight to many. Located near the famous Mahogany Market, Hangin Garden is just a 5-minute ride away from the Tagaytay ridge. It has a quirky name, which hints of the magic contained within its walls. According to its owners Pinky and Chuck Escasa, there is always a cool breeze welcoming all guests into their home and gardens, thus the name.

Welcome to Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Welcome to Hangin Garden in Tagaytay.

For those who love the concept of Sonia’s Garden – lush, verdant, and carpeted in flowers – you will probably also love Hangin Garden, a gated expanse of herb and flower gardens housing a handful of guesthouses, including a tree house.

Welcome Drink and Snack - Hangin Garden Tagaytay Guests are welcomed with refreshments.

It offers simple but comfortable accommodations. According to Pinky, “tourists or urbanites looking for a quiet, rustic and back-to-basics retreat far from the clutter and stress of city life would enjoy Hangin Garden.”

Accommodations include a tree house, a family suite, and dorm-type rooms.

Family Suite at Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Family Suite with Kitchen (2-8 pax)

Room rates start at Php3500 for 2 pax, which already includes breakfast for two. You may add Php1000 for each additional pax. The family suite has one queen-sized bed, two single beds, four pull-out beds, a kitchen with stove and utensils, a dining set for four, and two bathrooms.

Tree House - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Tree House Interior - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Dining at Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Dorm Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Treehouse (2 pax)

The room rate is Php3,500 per night and already includes breakfast for two. For the Bahay Kubo (8 pax max), the cost is Php1,000 per head and also includes breakfast.

Pinky shares that their bed & breakfast is often a choice venue for small workshops, seminars, retreats, team-building, and family gatherings. As you can see from the photos, the grounds are spacious enough for small events.

Wedding - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Hangin Garden transforms into a fairytale setting for weddings.

Genuine Tree House Hangin Garden Tagaytay

I’m sure this treehouse is a hit amongst kids.

Hammock under the tree house - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Hangin Garden has plenty of delightful shady areas where you can lie down and enjoy the fragrant breeze.

A girl and her dog - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Princess and Kikay - Hangin Garden Tagaytay

A girl and her Princess. Pinky and her family adopted Princess and her sister Kikay from the streets of Sta. Mesa. Want to know more about these doggies’ stories? Click here.

Fresh fruits and vegetables at Hangin Garden Tagaytay Fresh fruits and vegetables at Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Fresh fruits and vegetables at Hangin Garden Tagaytay

Picking herbs Hangin Garden Tagaytay

At Hangin Garden, every dish is prepared with herbs, fruits, and vegetables picked from its own gardens.

I went to Hangin Garden to visit friends and to check up on Princess and Kikay (renamed Kaye), two of the Sta. Mesa dogs that Pinky and Mike Escasa had adopted. Only expecting a joyous reunion with friends, I received something more.

Magical Hangin Garden Tagaytay

At Hangin Garden, I discovered serenity, nourishing my soul that hungered for nature. For a city person like me, Hangin Garden with is flowery nooks and crannies seemed magical. I hope to visit again soon.

Hangin Garden

Kaybagal South, Tagaytay (approximately 1.5 hour drive from Manila)

Call or text Aimee Apostol-Escasa at 09326408272


Photo credits: S. Apostol and Hangin Garden’s Facebook Page