HALO + HALO Bags: An On-The-Go Millennial’s Perfect Companion

This generation of millennials like to work hard, and play hard.

And with these group of yuppies on the go, bags that fit their active and dynamic lifestyle is a must! 

But just when you think you’ve seen it all, local brand HALO + HALO stands out from the rest.

Halo 3

Maculot Sack

When we think of things inspired by Philippine culture, they usually have to resemble something native or indigenous. HALO + HALO Bags, proudly made by Filipinos, subverts this image.

Their name, inspired after the quintessential Filipino dessert, perfectly captures the aesthetic and the very ideal they embody. Like the dessert, with different ingredients mixed together to create something harmoniously wonderful, HALO + HALO brings together different materials in order to create unique designs that are hip and contemporary. The result? Beautiful, sturdy bags that perfectly fits a Filipino yuppie’s lifestyle, from work to play.

Halo 4


Halo + Halo bags’ main component is recycled plastic, which is weaved together into a contemporary banig of sorts. And while you may say that there are dime a dozen other brands incorporating eco-conscious materials in their products, Halo + Halo does it in such a way that it seamlessly ties in with the bag designs.

As our culture tethers between urban modernity and tradition, really, you can’t get any more contemporarily Pinoy than that. 

Halo 2

Multo Bag

We tried their TAGO Collection, a minimalist, street-inspired collection of neoprene bags, perfect for those on the move. What we liked most about these bags are the intricate patterns weaved into the bags, giving it that panache to an otherwise understated classic.

Halo 1

We couldn’t resist doing this after-school special-inspired layout with their Multo BagTalisay Luggage, and the Maculot Sack.

Halo 5

Talisay Luggage

From traversing the urban jungle of Manila, to crossing a dirt road somewhere in the Philippines, wherever your feet take you, Halo + Halo will prove to be a worthy companion.

Halo 6

Talisay Luggage, Maculot Sack, and Multo Bag

You can check out more of the Tago Collection, as well as more of their designs on their website, https://halohalo-madebythefilipinos.com/. You can also check out some of their displays at Twelfth House in Cubao X.

Halo + Halo