Hair and Skincare Problems? The Solution is Simple: Malunggay!

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

You’ve seen and heard it used everywhere, in every food you can possibly think of—from tea, soup, candy, bread, and even pizza. It’s a superfood our lolas and nanays swear by. What is it? Yup, it’s malunggay!

But did you know that malunggay, a.k.a. moringa in English, is not only a superfood but a magical plant that can also do wonders for your hair and skin? Those tiny leaves that you buy at the market may seem like they don’t do much, but that’s the reason why many people swear by it.

Malunggay (also known as moringa) has many benefits to the body like lowering blood sugar levels. And being rich in atioxidants, it has many benefits towards skincare and haircare as well.

If you’d like to take the more natural route for your daily self-care routine, Moringa-O2 is a brand that uses malunggay in its products to help repair and restore the hair and skin.

But malunggay is not the only special ingredient in Moringa-O2’s products. This line of products has especially created a rare mix of malunggay, olive oil, and omega from sunflower oil to become the answer to all your skincare and haircare needs. Moringa-O2 believes in the power of these combined ingredients to make your skin and hair the healthiest they can be.

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Because of those three key ingredients, Moringa-O2 products are so rich in Vitamins A, C, and E—nutrients that help keep your skin and hair healthy and supple. And the best thing about it is, it’s all natural.

Moringa-O2 has a variety of products to choose from.

From shampoos and conditioners for your hair, to soaps and toners for your face, and even lotions and insect repellents for your body!

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If having a proper and balanced diet means eating food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, the same goes for your skin and hair. It’s important to remember to use and apply products that are rich in these vitamins, like Moringa-O2, so you can maintain your youthful glow.

So say goodbye to the days of having to endlessly search and browse through aisles of products just to figure out what’s going to work for you, and say hello to Moringa-O2, your new best friend when it comes to skincare and haircare!


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