Hacienda Macalauan Pure and Best Milk: Farm Fresh, Natural, Local

Pure & Best Milk

Milk – that liquid of the gods which has been one of the backbones of human civilization and nutrition since time immemorial. Filipinos should really drink more of it, but sadly, milk is not traditionally a part of our daily diet.

Hacienda Macalauan (HMI) is here to change that, though, by offering some of the freshest and tastiest local milk with their Pure & Best Milk products. Hacienda Macalauan started back in the 1990s following the acquisition and importation of 100 heads of Freshian Sahiwals from Australia, and we can say that the rest was history.

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Pure & Best Milk

Hacienda Macalauan recently sent us a few of their products to try and the one that garnered the most interest for me was the Pure & Best Low Fat Chocolate Milk (Php105 from a nearby supermarket for 1 liter). All I can say is that it did not last long. After taking a couple of photos for this article, it was just gone. Delicious.

Pure & Best Milk

The Pure & Best Whole Milk is nothing short of creamy and for vsomething as fresh as this, Php115 is not a bad price at all, especially for fresh milk that is good for the heart; lowers the risk of cancer; has loads of Vitamin D that helps with mood, appetite and sleep (that is why a warm glass of milk at night can make you feel sleepy); but most important of all, milk helps in building bones and muscles.

Pure & Best Milk

I like milk the best with my oats or cereals, whether for breakfast or as a snack. Not only is it healthy; it is tasty and delicious, as well – something that powdered or evaporated milk just cannot replicate. There is no substitute for fresh milk.

Pure & Best Milk

The last items that I got to try were the yogurts, namely the 3 Cows Live Greek Yogurt with Honey, and the 3 Cows Mango Sago Flavored Yogurt (Prices vary from Php51 to Php56). Nothing is as refreshing as cold mangoes on a hot day; but when not in season, a cool mango-flavored yogurt is a good substitute. For someone who likes something a bit more savory, the Greek yogurt with honey is a good dessert after meals. It has the taste and texture of good cream cheese with a hint of sweetness of honey.

Filipinos really should add more milk to their diets. Not only is it delicious, but it helps people stay healthy and strong, as well. When looking for the freshest of milk, you now know where to go. And please remember that having an extra glass, especially of that chocolate milk, is always – and I mean always! – a good thing.

Hacienda Macalauan Pure & Best Milk



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