Gym Equipment You Should Get For Your Dad’s Home Gym

Is your dad a fitness and health buff? Then you must already know what to get him for Father’s Day.

In the market for some gym equipment for your dad’s home gym? Here are some of our recommendations:

Foldable Treadmill

minimalist treadmill

Photo from Lazada

This sleek and minimalist treadmill is a space-saver, making it a great option if your dad has limited space for his gym. Its slim body lets this treadmill be easily stored under a couch or a bed!

Now, he won’t need to go outside for a run.

Buy this minimalist foldable treadmill here!

Home Spin Bike

spin bike

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This stylish exercise bike also doesn’t take that much space. Its bold red and black colors would look great wherever you put it! This spin bike will definitely help get your dad’s heart racing.

Buy this home spin bike here!

Multifunctional Bench Press

bench press 1

Photo from Lazada

Your strong dad will enjoy lifting with this multifunctional bench press. It can be adjusted according to the more comfortable angle, it can be used as a weightlifting bed, and it can be used for push-ups and sit-ups.

Many reviewers have commented about its high quality, too.

PS. Weights are not yet included.

Buy this multifunctional bench press here!

Multifunctional Weights


Photo from Lazada

If your dad loves weightlifting, he’ll appreciate these new weights. This set can be changed up to be used as either a barbell or a dumbbell, making it multifunctional.

Buy these multifunctional weights here!

Punching Bag

punching bag

Photo from Lazada

This punching bag can easily be hung up from the ceiling, and it can definitely help your dad stay fit with a few punching sessions regularly. It could also be a great bonding session for you and your dad!

Buy this punching bag here!

These gifts will definitely help keep your dad strong and fit! To find more gym equipment, check out this store!

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