Group & Boiler Coffee Co: Coffee in the Morning, Coffee Cocktails at Night

On the lookout for another great coffee experience?  Then I’ll make it easier for you, especially if you’re from the South.  

If you’ve always hung out at your usual coffee place but feel a little spaced out lately that you need to change up your environment, there’s one up-and-coming coffee shop just for that: Group & Boiler Coffee Co.

Conveniently located in breathable Molito in Alabang, it fits in perfectly to offer a fresh experience for everyone. The overall ambiance is very casual, stylish, and comfy. The high ceilings and sassy details make it an airy space to lounge around for some good coffee.

When I visited, I saw different kinds of people enjoying their coffee and meals there. I could say that on any given day, there woll be a go-getter office worker starting the day right, an entrepreneur planning out amazing ideas for the business, a parent on an errand break with their toddler, a student just chilling, or grandparents out for a lovely afternoon date.

Their coffee listings range from Flat Whites to Butterscotch Latte, but I like The Group & Boiler Signature the best (Php180). Flaming a sugar topped coffee and cracking that later on with your spoon brings about so much creme brulee-ish satisfaction.

The Single Origin Pour Over uses fancier beans from Ethiopia and is brewed in a more complicated way (Php150).

Then there the “Not Coffee” category with this Iced Chocolate (Php120), which they describe in an interesting way: chocolate is from a tree, which makes it a plant, so this counts as a salad. I totally agree with these guys, then. Chocolate is healthy!

If you’re looking for a meal to complement the coffee, bite into this delectable Half-Baked Chocolate Cake.

You can also get something heavier in the form of the Beef pastrami (Php320) – beef pastrami, romaine lettuce, mozzarella, and white cheddar on sourdough bread.

All-day breakfast is also served. The Banana Nut Overnight Oats (Php180) is for the healthy eaters in us comprised of oats, banana slices, peanut butter, milk, honey, and yogurt.

Now for the Coffee Cocktails. The Insomniac and Midnight Martini (Php210 – Php250) pack a lot of punch and work as a great alternative for late-night hangouts with friends in a coffee shop.

Nothing sounds as intriguing and relaxing than pairing up some Kahlua and vodka with coffee!

Coffee lovers who are committed to holistic wellness and sustainable living will also find it nice that natural products by the Humble Market are also sold inside the shop.

To go with the sustainable vibe, even the bike on the wall is put to good use as the owner, Hans, uses it to commute back and forth from the Group & Boiler shop.

Whether you’re in the South or are just passing by the Molito area, definitely give Group & Boiler a try. The place provides a pleasant environment to hang out in and have a good cup of coffee and more.

Group & Boiler Coffee Co

Molito, Madrigal Avenue, Muntinlupa


Instagram: @groupandboiler


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