Grind and brew: 10 Stores that deliver coffee beans straight to your home

Having a cup of coffee is a comforting way to start the day despite all the crazy. Since most people are adulting, which seems like an effective way of coping with the pandemic (some are baking while others are gardening), you have probably ditched the usual 3-in-1 coffee and started grinding and brewing your cup of joe. Of course, in addition to a grinder and a French press, an important ingredient here is the bag of coffee beans.

Since you might still not want to go out despite lockdown rules being eased, get coffee beans delivered straight to your doorstep. Here are some online stores where you can get your next bag of beans.

Lipa Coffee (@lipacoffee)

Lipa Coffee is known for its freshly roasted coffee from Lipa, Batangas. It provides 100% Kapeng Barako. It started as a small family business to support the local suppliers of Batangas.

According to Jan Ragos, owner of Lipa Coffee, “Every year, we go visit our relatives (mother side) from Lipa, Batangas during the All Souls Day holiday. I can vaguely remember when I was in college, our Tita from Batangas started giving us Kapeng Barako as a pasalubong.”

“During Christmas of 2017, instead of shopping for gifts, our family decided to give out Kapeng Barako to some of our friends,” he added.

“In 2018, the people whom we gave Kapeng Barako as gifts last year started to ask us if we can this time supply them so they can give out as gifts for their clients,” he continued.

Their family was surprised by this so, in 2019, Lipa Coffee came to life.

Its flavors were crafted to keep up with the times. The Morning Blend was developed because of the recent quarantine. It was designed for professionals who used to always buy their favorite brewed coffee from certain donuts shops and well-known fast-food. But now that they are mostly working from home, they will still be looking for that caffeine kick. (The morning blend has actually the same blend as what the two popular donut coffee offers.)

The Evening Blend was developed because customers were asking if we have coffee that they can enjoy, but will still allow them to sleep at their normal time. The company worked closely with a roaster and kept testing different blends until it came up with a special blend to achieve low caffeine and a smooth taste.

CÀ PHÊ BREAK (@caphebreak)

CÀ PHÊ BREAK owners always wanted to build their own coffee shop since they were young. But with the current situation, it seemed impossible. So, they came up with the idea of selling coffee beans online. They believe that coffee is a cup of comfort. When they wake up every morning and smell the coffee brewing, it brings back to a simpler life. Coffee keeps them happy and motivated. During this scary time, they deserved a CÀ PHÊ BREAK to make at peace for a while.

They roast in small batches to control all stages of the roasting process ensuring the quality and freshness of coffee beans. They grind the beans upon ordering. They locally source their coffee from different parts of the Philippines such as Mt. Apo in Davao, Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato, Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon, Cavite, and in Atok Benguet. They buy from local farmers and cooperatives.

Buy CÀ PHÊ BREAK coffee beans on Shopee.

Grounds and Blends (@groundsandblends_ph)

coffee beans 2 grounds and blends 2

When brand owner Gaby David lived in Sydney, Australia for the past year as a student, she was exposed to their coffee culture. With this, she learned to love and appreciate the different types of coffee. When her relatives from Baguio who get their supply directly from Sagada farmers sent her some coffee beans, she loved it! That started the idea of putting up Grounds and Blends. It made her think that great-tasting coffee didn’t have to be expensive that’s why she decided to bring this out in the market.

Unlike the other coffee brands, Grounds and Blends only offers 100% organic premium quality grade Sagada Arabica which has a distinct bittersweet taste with nutty overtones. As for the flavored blends, it offers a mixture of Sagada, Benguet, and Kalinga coffee.

coffee beans 2 grounds and blends 1

Grounds and Blends offers Sagada Arabic Dark, Medium, Mocha, Caramel, Macadamia, and Hazelnut. These are all available in coffee beans or ground (coarse or fine), and drip bags in packs of 5 and packs of 10. The drip bags are very practical when you don’t have any coffee equipment, you can just pour hot water over it slowly and enjoy a cup almost instantly.

Olivia’s Coffee (@oliviascoffeeph)

coffee beans 6 olivias coffee

Olivia’s Coffee offers a variety of roasted coffee including Excelsa, Robusta, Arabica, and other specialty blends. It sources its coffee beans from Benguet and Cavite. Arabica and Robusta are two of the most known and widely consumed variety of coffee which originated from the highlands of Ethiopia. Its coffee has a fragrant sweetness with a slight and pleasant acidity smell during roasting and brewing, and leaves a caramel aftertaste and just a hint of bitterness. You can buy the coffee in bean or ground form.

Buy Olivia’s Coffee (Kape ni Severo) Beans – 1 Kilo.

StarBarako (@starbarako)

starbarako coffee feature

StarBarako is a no-hassle and no-frills coffee drip packet that you can easily purchase online via Lazada.

Although the brand name sounds like Starbucks, it isn’t boujie and it doesn’t try to be. It stays true to its roots in providing powerful Barako (Liberica) flavor without breaking your wallet.

While being brutally honest they sure deliver the point across that they can’t be like Starbucks. But at least they tried— and it’s hella funny!

They aren’t trying to be hipsters as well. All they wanna do is provide good and budget-friendly coffee and allow everyone to enjoy freshly brewed coffee sans their own equipment.

UCC Cafe PH (@ucccafeph)

coffee beans 5 ucc cafe philippines

UCC supplies coffee to suit every possible day-to-day setting our customers may encounter. Its offerings cover everything from its diverse range of coffee products to coffee brewing equipment. Products include coffee for brewing, instant coffee, and ready-to-drink products, and in terms of markets, it manufactures coffee for home-use and out-of-home use, as well as coffee beverages, single-serve coffee systems, and products for overseas markets.

Buy the UCC Ichiban Blend Roasted Whole Coffee Beans 500g (Bundle of 2).

Owl and Olive (@owloliveph)

coffee beans 1 owl and olive ph coffee curious box

The Coffee Curious Box is a new product by Owl & Olive. What makes this item unique is that it’s not just a coffee product, but also an advocacy platform to promote local businesses, farmers, roasters, and craftsmen. The coffee collection features beans that are locally grown and locally roasted and is contained in a locally crafted box. It’s Owl & Olive’s humble contribution to encourage unity and nationalism during these difficult times. The collection is currently the widest among multi-roaster collaborations involving seven coffee farming communities—seven partner roasters, one handicrafts community, one partner NGO, and Owl & Olive.

Tinag-Abang (@tinagabangcoffee)

coffee beans 3 tinag abang 1

TinagAbang Coffee offers products that were cultivated in the highlands of Cordillera. It has two main goals in this endeavor–to incorporate the taste of the Filipino heritage in every sip and to make Filipino coffee growers known in what they do best.

The brand encourages you to have the real taste of brewed coffee. It aims to let you enjoy that experience of having a bit of quality time with your family or a bit of calm while brewing coffee. This is the true goodness of homegrown coffee in the Philippines.

It has a variety of classic and flavored coffee. You can choose between whole beans or ground coffee. The classic coffee collection includes Sagada, Benguet, Kalinga, Espresso, Barako, and Arabica while the flavored coffee collection includes Mocha, Chocolate, Caramel, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, and Vanilla. You can taste all twelve varieties if you purchase our Know-Your-Coffee Package. It also introduces the TinagAbang Espresso Fusion with three special flavors, Matcha, Taro, and Strawberry. To accompany you in your home brewing adventures, it offers items such as the coffee drip bags and French press.

coffee beans 3 tinag abang 2

In addition, it has a cool concept for its best-selling products which is called Know-Your-Coffee (KYC). Twelve varieties from both classic and flavored coffee were put in one pack. It came up with this concept because it wants its products to be beginner-friendly and to entice newbies to explore the world of coffee a little deeper. These twelve flavors were placed in drip bags for convenience. Much like having a flight of beer, after tasting these twelve flavors, you can choose which ones are perfect and buy those.

Lastly, it is continuously improving its website to make the coffee experience more exciting. Recently, it offered a way how you can send gift cards to your friends. It also added a feature of making an account on its website. You can earn points by using TinagAbang MyCoffee Points and you use these points to buy coffee. It promises more improvements as it moves forward in this industry.

Primal Brew Coffee (@primalbrewcoffee)

Primal Brew Coffee offers fair-trade coffee that comes always fresh and is roasted in-house. It sells coffee beans but will grind beans upon request at no extra charge. Simply specify the grind size and it will deliver the coffee just the way you like it. For espresso, you will need a fine grind. For coffeemaker and drip, you will need a medium grind. For the French press, a coarse is perfect.

Buy the Primal Brew Specialty Roasted Coffee Beans – La Trinidad 500g.

Breakfast Champ (@breakfast.champ)

coffee beans 4 breakfast champ

Breakfast Champ is a brand built on compassion, a brand with purpose. It is a brand that unlocks sustainable livelihood for our Filipino farmers and fishermen who used to supply raw ingredients for restaurants and cafes that were now forced to permanently shut down due to the pandemic.

True to its name, it started out as a family discussion over breakfast a couple of months ago. By now, the owners have already heard multiple times how this pandemic has been continuously subjecting small businesses under extreme financial pressure which could unfortunately result in bankruptcy. They personally witnessed some of their favorite local restaurants and cafes left with no choice but to permanently close. With some of these establishments owned by close family friends, they have seen how unfortunate this could be for them along with their employees. But if they take a step back, they will understand that this is just the face value.

With businesses being naturally interlinked, they see how the whole value chain is entirely hit. Beyond the four corners of every closed cafe or restaurant are ingredient suppliers, delivery providers, and other members losing livelihood at the same time. And if we think about it, it’s our local farmers and fishermen providing ingredients and raw materials who are the most vulnerable among them all.

Fast forward to today, Breakfast Champ is officially going live to be able to fulfill that purpose of creating a positive social difference to the most vulnerable sectors of dining businesses—our local fishermen and farmers.

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