Green Leaf Spa: Your Next Favorite Spa in Quezon City

After our New Year comeback to a healthy lifestyle—low-fat meals, exercise, and gym sessions—to strip off that unwanted Christmas bulge, we all deserve a tap on our shoulders. Don’t worry about spending too much, though; pampering doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Here’s a glimpse of a spa in Quezon City that will pamper you in the most luxurious way possible, while still maintaining friendly rates. Spas are always a good idea, after all.

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Owned by a young Bicolano entrepreneur, Green Leaf Spa is located in Barangay Pag-asa in Quezon City. You can find the place along the main road a few blocks away from SM North Edsa. Since the place is pretty accessible, you can just ride a jeep or a tricycle to get there.

Green Leaf Spa Pag-asa is already their third branch. The first two, including their flagship branch, is located in Daet, Camarines Norte in Bicol.

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Thinking about how this spa humbly started in Daet two years ago, and how the owner bravely brought the business to Manila is really inspiring, especially for budding entrepreneurs. (More inspiration here.)

IMG 3269 1   Spas are also good date ideas!

Green Leaf Spa offers a range of feel-good services from massages (Php150 to Php550) to body scrub (Php500 to Php850) to paraffin treatments (Php150- Php550). They also offer foot spa (Php150 to Php350), wax treatment (Php250- Php400) and even nail care (Php60). You can actually bring your whole family during the weekends!

IMG 2459 1 1          You’re sure to love their tea, too.

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My personal favorite is their Signature Massage, which is a combination of Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu (Php300/hour).

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This never fails to help me get rid of my tired muscles and joints, feel relaxed, and even get better sleep.

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Aside from the relaxing effects that it brings, studies show that a good massage can also really lift up your spirits.

If you’re too busy of a person to sit through traffic, the Green Leaf staff can go right to your doorstep, too! Yes, home and hotel services are also included in their packages. They’ve really got us covered!

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What I love most about this spa, though, is how it screams of simplicity.

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There’s not a lot of fuss. You enter the place, are greeted by the friendly staff, smell the calming scent, and enjoy a cup of tea. Even before the massage, you’ll find yourself halfway to slowing down and becoming more tranquil.

IMG 2446  Green Leaf Spa also offers Himalayan salt lamps, which are known for their health benefits.

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You are welcome in advance.

Green Leaf Spa


116-A, Brgy. Pag-asa, Quezon City

Open from Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 3am