Great Finds at Toby’s Garage Sale last July 19-21

When In Manila in wanting to buy some quality products at a good price, find a warehouse sale like Toby’s Garage Sale!

After the huge success of the first Toby’s Garage Sale, Toby’s decided to make more people even happier with a second one! Lucky for me, I was finally able to spare some time to see what all the fuss was about.

Toby’s main office and warehouse is located in Pasig, the entire street is full of warehouses of different companies so you’re most likely to find it easily. The sale starts at 10am and I got there at around 12noon, I was surprised to see that the place was already overflowing with people at such an early hour!

According to the guys over at Toby’s, more than 500 people had already been waiting outside the warehouse even before they opened their gates on day 1! Someone’s out to get a good deal!


I was easily tempted by all the signs! 70% off, 50% off, woohooo!!!



Sporting goods for runners, basketball players, badminton players, etc.


As soon as I got there, I quickly went around looking for clothes and stuff I could use for running. I was even planning to grab a few extras for my running friends. Unfortunately, I decided to join the sale on the second day and most small sizes were out! It was all XL, XL or XS! I still got lucky with a few though! YEY! haha



Shoes were also for sale at around 50% off! Vibram shoes were priced at only 1799! WOW!



Adults and kids alike were on the lookout for a good bargain! Ah, your mom trained you well kid!


As soon as I was done, I proceeded to the checkout counter to pay for my goodies! At first I thought I was under budget, but after they computed it, turns out I grabbed over 10k worth of products. Ooopss! I had to return most of it so I wouldn’t overspend. The lines were pretty long, but organized too. Good job to the Toby’s team!



So what did I find that day? Well, since I couldn’t find running gears and apparels that I needed, I decided to buy stuff for a new sport I plan to get into.. Badminton! My fiance Philippe and I got them at a good price too! The Prince badminton racket is originally worth around 5k, but we were able to buy them today at only 1,000+! Not bad! As for the TYR shirt and shorts, they’re originally worth around 3k, but we got them at 50% off! Nice!




Now that’s what I call a SALE!

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Toby’s Sports Store


Quorum Centre –  #73 Good Harvest Complex, C. Raymundo Ave, Barangay Caniogan, Pasig