Grab user gets account suspended for lashing out and going “berserk” on driver

A Facebook video that has now been taken down documented the events of a Grab passenger aggressively confronting his driver. The video came from the car’s dashboard camera and recorded only the audio of the argument, as it was pointed outside towards the road and not inside the car.

An investigation was launched which resulted in the grab passenger’s account being suspended.

According to records, the grab driver picked up a couple in Bukit Batok, an industrial area in Singapore, on January 13. The woman was pregnant and her husband asked the driver, Aza, to drive carefully on the roads. After Aza went too quickly over just one speed bump, the passenger requests to end the trip early “if he can’t drive better.”

Grab 1

Aza agrees to drop them off before the destination but the passenger continues ranting, saying he needs to drive slowly over road humps. The passenger also compares the driving to ‘rash driving’. This is defined by Singaporean law as driving in a “speed or manner which is dangerous to the public.” However, based on the video the average speed was barely 40kmh.

The grab driver is calm until the passenger accuses of him of being “a crazy person”.

Aza only responds to say “you shouldn’t call me a crazy person” before calling the Grab hotline to make a report. This triggered the passenger who threatened to call the police and started shouting. The passenger even accuses Aza of hitting his pregnant wife, who vehemently denies this.

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This Grab user was suspended, presumably after a report of the events was made. Grab Singapore released this statement on the issue: “Grab does not tolerate such behavior and have temporarily suspended the passenger’s account while we do thorough investigations. We are also in touch with the affected driver to provide support.”

Grab Philippines’ guidelines for suspending accounts are quite similar. They list “offense against the driver” as grounds for suspension, although the specifics remain vague. This should mean that if something like this were to happen here then Grab would act in the same vein.

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Source: Stomp