Gorgeous Lashes All Day Everyday with The Lash Bar’s Eyelash Extensions!

Gorgeous Lashes All Day-Everyday with The Lash Bar’s Eyelash Extensions!


Eyelash extensions have both fascinated and terrified me for the longest time. The idea of perfectly made-up lashes every minute of the day sans any sort of mascara or eyelash curler application sounded like a dream come true (I attribute my 10 minute tardiness at work to perfecting my lashes in front of the mirror because I do not, in fact, wake up “like this”). On the other hand, I’ve heard talk of how maintaining eyelash extensions can be such a hassle, one that involves impossible tasks of not rubbing the eye area, and not having it come in contact with water. Read: 5 Lash Extension Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of




It is because of the latter that I’ve put off trying out the eyelash extension trend for a while as I thought I couldn’t bother with such a tedious upkeep. However, with my undeniable aesthetic curiosity and the promise of waking up to perfect lashes every single day, I thought I’d finally give it a try. For my first ever eyelash extension experience, I thought I’d try The Lash Bar at Tomas Morato.



BEFORE! I honestly didn’t know what to expect on my first encounter with eyelash extensions, but The Lash Bar’s lash stylist was nice enough to walk me through the entire procedure.


I was recommended the “Elite” medium length lashes, which give the effect of made-up lashes with mascara on.


The Lash Bar offers an assortment of lash extension choices to suit whatever look you have in mind. Extensions range from minimal styles to accentuate your everyday look, to show-stopping dramatic and thick lashes, and even colored extensions! You can also choose between two lash shapes and varying lengths; flair-style lashes to give doe eyes more of a chinita edge, and fan-style lashes to open up smaller eye shapes.



Since my chosen lash style was thicker than others, the entire procedure took about two hours. It involved a tedious process of attaching each eyelash individually by hand.


The Lash Bar also offers mani-pedi and nail art services! I totally love that they carry the dreamiest pastel nail shades.


For first-timers who are as eager and yet as clueless as I am, here’s what you can expect:


  • When properly cared for, lash extensions last for about six to eight weeks. It is highly advised not to wet the eye area the first twelve hours following your application. To make your extensions last longer, it’s best not to rub the eye area while the extensions are attached
  • Contrary to popular opinion of actual hair lashes being the better option for a more natural look, synthetic lashes prove to be far superior to the former as you can guarantee that these lash extensions are clean and can hold their curl for extended periods of time
  • Although eyelash extension application is supposedly a pain-free procedure, the adhesives used to stick the false eyelashes emit fumes which may sting the eyes, so it is advised to keep eyes closed for the duration of the procedure; this shouldn’t be so hard when you’re comfortably lounging on an easy chair. For girls who can’t stand the sting of regular adhesives, The Lash Bar also offers no-sting adhesives which won’t sting the eyes
  • Never pluck or pull out your eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are supposed to fall off on their own, and since the extensions are attached to each hair follicle, pulling out the extensions would cause your original lashes to come off as well



AFTER! My lashes look extra voluminous!


I am absolutely happy with the end result! I immediately noticed how my eyes brightened up after the procedure, and I love how I don’t have to spend extra time in the morning just to get my lashes done. Waking up with instantly gorgeous lashes is awesome! I’ve had my extensions on for a week now and while the habit of being more careful with my eye area still takes some getting used to, it was well worth it.



My first ever eyelash extension experience definitely opened my eyes to what “tiis ganda” really means, but I think the extra primping and effort to look pretty will always be akin to being a girl, regardless of how low-maintenance one claims to be. I highly recommend Lashbar’s lash extension services to all the girly-girls and those who’d want to make their pretty peepers pop.



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Gorgeous Lashes All Day Everyday with The Lash Bar’s Eyelash Extensions!