Welcome to Manila, Google Philippines!

Google Philippines has landed in Manila! Do you, as a consumer of Google products and/or a resident of Manila, know what exactly this means? 

Google Philippines Manila Office has Arrived

On the very unlikely circumstance that you’ve never heard of Google, it’s a technology company founded by two Stanford grad students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. For more than ten years, Google has established itself as a dominating force in search (Google Search), in video (YouTube), and a host of other products (Google+, Gmail, and Google Maps, among others). I’m personally a big fan of Google (books on Google are big reasons why I am working on digital and technology right now) so the news that the Big G has landed in Manila is a very big deal for me – and for you.


google philippines jsncruz

Google Philippines officially launched on January 23, 2013



A Bigger Picture – Literally

Google Maps has proven itself massively useful during national crises. Crucial updates on Google Maps helped Filipino volunteers and rescuers coordinate both evacuation and relief operations.


Modernizing Education

The partnerships with De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, and University of Zamboanga have allowed Filipinos to be connected via Google Apps for Education – improving email, chat, and calendar services for both teachers and students.


Easy on the Pocket

The Google Free Zone is Google’s attempt at ensuring a world connected to the World Wide Web – for free. It was pilot-launched in the Philippines, meaning that the Free Zone’s next iterations and developments would definitely have a Filipino touch in them.


So Why Open Google Philippines?

Why not?


google philippines jsncruz

It’s official!


The Philippines is one of the most connected countries in the world, boasting 33 million Internet users. This user-base is expected to double by 2016, so it makes complete sense for a technology and Internet company to invest time, money, and manpower here.


google philippines jsncruz

Google Philippines Country Head Narciso Reyes


In addition, the Philippines is the 6th in Asia and the 17th in the world in terms of Internet usage. With 106 million mobile subscribers (2/3 are Internet-enabled), the market for development and potential business in sales is simple immense.


google philippines jsncruz

Google Southeast Asia Managing Director Julian Persaud


On top of a growing economy and a government increasingly supportive of online products and services (the Philippine government is on Google+), Google Philippines was a long time coming.



google philippines jsncruz

 Julian Persaud and Narciso Reyes



For more information on Google Philippines, check out this article on this new era in Philippine technology.

Images courtesy of Google Philippines, shared with Jason Cruz and WhenInManila.com.


Google Philippines Finally Open in Manila