Good Vibes: Kind Taxi Driver Offered Free Ride After Finding Out The Passenger Didn’t Have Money

In this world of ambiguity, it’s sometimes hard to find honest and kind people on earth. Most of them take advantage of our niceness. Luckily, some of them are born kind-hearted.

As a matter of fact, I met one last Thursday.

Delicana kind taxi driver

I had a momnesia (a term coined by most moms who are always busy and forget things) and completely absent-minded whilst having lunch at a fast food chain.

Running late for my work, I took a cab, and when we were almost near my workplace, I noticed my wallet was missing!

To make the story short, I only had 50 pesos to my name and asked the driver:

Kuya, pwede po ba tayo bumalik ng bahay? (Can we go back to my house)

Kuya Driver: ha? Bakit? Ang layo na natin and di ba sabi mo papasok ka na? (Why? We are already far, plus you said you were going to work, right?)

Me: Opo. Wala po kasi kong pambayad. Naiwan ko po wallet ko. 50 pesos lang po itong nasa bulsa ko. (Yes. I forgot my wallet. I only have 50 pesos in my pocket.)

Kuya: work mo ba ika ito? (You said this is your work, right? While pointing at the building)

Me: Opo. (Yes)

Kuya: eh okay lang. (then he turned off the meter. I remember, the meter was almost 100 pesos) Alam ko yung feeling ng walang wala tapos papasok ka sa trabaho. Next time check niyo po muna gamit mo. (I know the feeling of no money at all then you still need to go to work. Next time, please check first your things)

Me: Kuya, maraming salamat po. As in, sorry din po. Sana masakyan kita ulit.

Kuya: Naku, malabo yan, Mam. Taga Caloocan po kasi ako. Nakapag hatid lang po diyan malapit.

Honestly and seriously, I was speechless. I was moved by his gesture.

Kuya, thanks for teaching me not to give up on people.

To the management or operator of Kuya Edwin Equillo of Delicana Transport Taxi with plate number UVV 281, please do not get mad at him if his money last Thursday was short. It’s probably because of me.

To Kuya Edwin, Maraming Salamat po! 

Have you got nice stories to share? Please let me know as we need to feature more kind people like him!