Good news! The Arroceros Forest Park is here to stay (and not become a gym)!

It’s a win for the environment! New mayor Isko Moreno has declared that the Arroceros Forest Park is here to stay and not become the gym it almost became! We’re thrilled to hear this as it’ll keep some parts of Manila still green–something we’re desperate to have.


Here was what the mock-up looked like for the possible gym before:


As you can see, it would’ve eliminated all of the wildlife already in the park, killing hundreds of trees and damaging the environment. But we get to keep Manila’s last lung. The new mayor has ceased the project, saying: “It will be retained as Arroceros park, full of trees that help us breathe better in Lawton.”

We’re so grateful to be able to keep such a thriving place! He even says they’re going to develop it even more so people go out to see it and spend time in it, to find the peace in nature amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

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