Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Introduces Weightless Pricing Service!

Mother of Froyo!



When in Manila, Golden Spoon has always been the frozen yogurt of choice for those who just can’t have ice cream without it being sweet! I’ve always loved how Golden Spoon gives you all the benefits of frozen yogurt – non-fat (for all their non-fat flavors), low calorie, chock-full of six active cultures, and more calcium than a glass of milk – in a rich, creamy and flavorful concoction that sure beats your typical froyo varieties.

Decisions, decisions…



Another awesome thing about Golden Spoon frozen yogurt are their one-of-a-kind flavor concoctions! Who knew that you can enjoy your frozen yogurt in flavors like Iced Café de Leche, St. Patrick’s Mint, Red Velvet Cake and Root Beer Float? These sure aren’t your typical fruit-based froyo flavors! For the more conventional froyo lovers, Golden Spoon also offers classic fruity flavors like Strawberry and Blueberry. They sure have all the bases covered!

Marese with half of her yogurt, HALF.

Golden Spoon has recently undergone an ingenious makeover and has brought us an entirely original way to enjoy frozen yogurt!

Along with the launch of their revamped EDSA Shangri-La branch, Golden Spoon introduced their weightless pricing service. The “Artist” service is  an innovative and simple per cup, fixed-pricing service. Now you can have as many toppings as you want on your yogurt without the additional charge! Take your pick from three standard yogurt cup sizes (Cupful – Php 199.00, Wonderful – Php 299.00, Quartful – 649.00) and fill it up with whatever yogurt flavor and topping you want! Take your pick from Golden Spoon’s extensive selection of fruit and candy toppings, pile them on however you want, and stuff your cups with as much as you can!

Pile on the toppings!


Put in ALL the toppings!


Tallest yogurt tower of the night, created by my friend Marese! Apparently you can dump 8 inches of froyo into a Wonderful-sized cup 😛


This kid’s cute Christmas Tree-themed yogurt cup got the award for most creative, so cool!


More toppings! I LOVE Golden Spoon’s cookie dough toppings, soft morsels filled with chewy sweet cookie dough goodness *droool*


Someone’s a happy kid!



Golden Spoon Introduces Weightless Pricing Service

The thrill of having full control of what and how much topping goes into your yogurt was just exhilarating! Marese and I went nuts when we got to try Golden Spoon’s newest service at their EDSA Shangri-La launch. We got to put our sweet teeth and appetites to the test as we attempted to fill our cups with ALL of Golden Spoon’s toppings! I just gotta say, their topping dispensers all lined up in a row looked so charming and inviting, I felt like I was running my own yogurt factory! Marese also tried to churn the tallest yogurt tower for the day, and won!



When in Manila, try out Golden Spoon’s newest “Artist” weightless pricing service at any of their branches around the metro!

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt



Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Magallanes Gateway Mall

The Podium, Ortigas

Paseo Center

Trinoma Mall

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Pergola Mall

Robinson’s Galleria Veranda

Glorietta 5

Ayala Alabang Towncenter





 Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Introduces Weightless Pricing Service!


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