Golden Globe Awards – Remember These Drunk Celebrities from the Past?

Golden Globe Awards – Remember These Drunk Celebrities from the Past?

When in Manila, it’s always fun to watch award shows. I’ve found that shows like the 71st Golden Globe awards have so much more to offer other than just a list of who had the best acting chops or who directed the best film.

The show can deliver lots of laughs.

Apparently, the Golden Globes is also one of the best places to eat, get drunk, and humiliate yourself a little bit.

This is where you can find drunk presenters, wardrobe mishaps and people who are having a difficult time completing a sentence. I realized that showing up to an awards show drunk is just as scary as drunk tweeting and drunk driving. The consequences are dreadful.


Great Golden Globe Awards Moments with Intoxicated Celebs

How hard is it to read a prompter? Should be a piece of cake…unless you’re drunk like Elizabeth Taylor:



And you don’t expect an A-list actress to be tactless during an interview. But if it’s Julia Roberts and it would give us a few laughs, then I guess it’s alright. What she said at the end was hilarious.



Did Meryl drink more than she should or did she just forget to memorize her speech? You be the judge.

Spidey didn’t look drunk here, but this clip has been included in the list of drunk celebs at the Golden Globes.

This is one of my absolute favorites. 

It’s okay to drink and have a good time at events like this, but if you know that you are going to present something or that you might win something, wouldn’t you want to look okay in front of millions of people at the very least?

I know I would. 

Anyway, check out this year’s highlights. You won’t see intoxicated celebrities, but you will definitely have just as much fun.

 This is the way to accept an award.  

 Here’s Tina and Amy’s complete opening monologue.  

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sure did an amazing job making everyone laugh, but nothing is more hysterical than drunk stars trying to get through their spiels.

When in Manila and there’s another award show, make sure to stay tuned. You just might be treated to one of TV’s finest and funniest hours.

Golden Globe Awards – Remember These Drunk Celebrities from the Past?


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