Body and Sole Nail Cafe Boracay: Going Bare at the Boracay Nail Salon

When in Manila, finding a waxing salon these days can be just as easy as finding an over priced coffee shop. But what about finding out where to get a Brazillian wax when in Boracay? This was the dilemma I faced shortly after I moved to the island to work (and play) for a couple months.




I had assumed finding a waxing salon in Boracay would be easy but I had no luck finding any leads online. To my surprise there was a noticeable lack of dedicated hair removal salons and soon consigned myself to the idea of having to reforest for the next three months of my stay. But as the good graces of the hair free deities would have it, a chance encounter of a friend of a friend (as is common on the party island) I happened to meet Anamie of Body and Sole Nail Cafe who gladly told me they do waxing too.


IMG_3649Take a pick from all the colors you can imagine painting your tips and toes


A nail spa that removes unwanted hair?! Yes please! Not to be mislead by the name, Body and Sole Nail Cafe offers a whole lot more than pretty “mani-pedis”. How about adding personal cable TV and headsets, comfy lounge chairs, and a cafe that serves wine and real (not instant) coffee?! It sounds pretty close to pampering heaven to me.




Every chair comes with a personal headset and TV where you can choose your own channel and watch in peace


Cable TV for your own viewing pleasure


Their tongue in cheek menu offers an entertaining array of groom and pamper services for women, men and even kids! You can get the “Upper Hand” manicure and the “Sole Purpose” pedicure while the “Lil Diva” gets a treatment for her tiny hands and toes too! They even offer a “Prickly Solution” to safely and gently remove sea urchin spines from beach weary feet.




Happy, pretty, painted feet

936594_187189704770403_72645269_nA “Lil Diva” gets her nails did (photo courtesy of Body and Sole Nail Cafe)


But the highlight for me was the range of waxing services they offered for both women and men. Getting waxed can definitely be a hairy situation, but with fun names like “Get out of Hair” the “Bare-Barian” and the “Boy-zillian”, its hard not to smile about getting your body hair ripped out from the roots.



Honey wax gets heated up for hair removal. It looks almost edible! 


Muslin strips for the ripping action. Ow!


At Body and Sole Nail Cafe, they use the Gigi line of hot honey wax for hair removal and the procedure is clean and comfortable, at least as comfortable as a Brazillian wax can be. My waxer, Jing, did a great job to put me at ease and cover up sensitive bits as she politely chatted and waxed away.



Hey guys, want to go “Bare Back”? Men also avail of the waxing services at Body and Sole Nail Cafe (photo courtesy of Body and Sole Nail Cafe)


The friendly staff at Body and Sole Nail Cafe (photo courtesy of Body and Sole Nail Cafe)


Body and Sole Nail Cafe also does facials, body massages for singles and couples as well as ear de clogging.



(photo courtesy of Body and Sole Nail Cafe)


Couples massage beds in a clean, air conditioned private room



They also sell travel size nail kits for your personal pampering needs


After my wax I enjoyed a nice strong cup of barako coffee at their mini cafe


When in Manila, I’m personally not the type to get myself pampered on a regular basis but my experience at Body and Sole Nail Cafe just might make me a convert. I’ve never been inclined to stay and hang out at a spa longer than I needed to but the great coffee, cool conversations and chilled out atmosphere had me hanging around for a good 3 hours! I will definitely be making my way back soon for another round of pampering at Body and Sole Nail Cafe.



Body and Sole Nail Cafe Facebook

2f Crown Regency Resort

Main Road ( in front of Allied Bank)

5608 Boracay, Aklan


tel: (036) 288 1337



Body and Sole Nail Cafe Boracay: Going Bare at the Island Nail Salon