Go Nuts Donuts: Donut Talk Blogger Event and Competitions

When in Manila there is only one Filipino donut brand worth talking about, Go Nuts Donuts!!

Go Nuts DonutsGo Nuts Donuts Donut Talk

At the Go Nuts Donuts Donut Talk event, Go Nuts Donuts wanted to start meeting with bloggers and get to know them. What better way to do that than giving away free donuts (and other goodies)! We all met at the Mall of Asia location, which, while slightly cramped, definitely made people start talking to each other!

I remember the first time I saw a Go Nuts Donuts store. I was walking through some mall here a day or two after arriving. I laughed to myself when I saw the name. I love puns and loved the branding. Maybe it’s time they opened up a branch in Pennsylvania, USA? I know I wouldn’t mind in the least!

Go Nuts Donuts Pizza Donuts

Go Nuts Donuts Products

In between the wacky contests were snippets of video about Go Nuts Donuts and their sponsors. Did you know that the brand is 100% (from manufacturing to marketing) Filipino? I thought that was pretty cool. They are 8 years old and are now selling lots more than just donuts. For example, I tried some of the pizza donuts. Yum! They have Barbeque, Garlic and Cheese, Hawaiian and Pepperoni.

Other products that you may not know about are the Sugar Free donuts. Less than one gram of sugar! I don’t even know how that’s possible. They also have Grab and Go snacks, perfect for keeping at home and munching on when running out the door. I personally am a fan of the brownies. Gotta love that ooey-gooeyness!

Go Nuts Donuts KoolersGo Nuts Donuts Competitions

I was also in their drinking competition. Yes, drinking, but not the kind you’re thinking of. They have ice slush smoothie drinks called Summer Koolers and whichever blogger could drink their’s the fastest won! Sadly I couldn’t keep up, but I didn’t get a brain freeze either. The pineapple flavor is really good too! Especially when it’s this hot in Manila.

Blind Taste Test Go Nuts Donuts

There was also a blindfolded taste testing contest. The first person to accurately name the flavor of the donut won. It’s difficult though because they have a unique flavors for their summer donuts, including durian and ube flavors. Definitely one of the funnier competitions to watch, seeing people try and get the donuts in their mouths without seeing.

One of the coolest competitions they had was a Design Your Own Donut. We got to specify what we wanted on the donut, in the donut and how to decorate it. Everything right down to the name. The different donuts are posted on the Facebook fan page, so vote! Whoever gets the most votes will get their donut, with their recipe and name in Go Nuts Donut stores for 6 weeks, IN ADDITION to a YEARS SUPPLY OF GO NUTS DONUTS! If I win, I swear to you I’ll weigh 200 kilos by the end of the year.

The Donut Talk Event was hosted by WhenInManila.com EIC and Mellow 94.7 DJ Vince Golangco


The Go Nuts Donuts Photobooth

Create your own Donut Go Nut Donuts

Go Nuts Donuts Selection

Voting has already started, but check out the fan page for the fun pics of all the different entrants! Just remember, When in Manila and craving some sweet, Pinoy branded goodness, swing by Go Nuts Donuts for more than just great donuts!

Go Nuts Donuts: Donut Talk

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

Tel no: (+63 2) 556-0757

Open Daily 11am-12mn

Twitter: #donuttalk @gonutsdonuts


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Go Nuts Donuts: More Than Just Great Donuts!

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