Globe LiveTattoo: Your Weapon for Greatness!

When In Manila, in 4 easy steps.. you can live your passion! Thanks to Globe Tattoo for creating the first ever online lifestyle site in the Philippines—!



Customize Your Passion

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WhenInManila was part of the Globe Tattoo Livetattoo launch at Boracay last April 12-14, 2012. See more here.



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Globe LiveTattoo Customize your passion 


Globe LiveTattoo: What is it anyway?


Globe LiveTattoo launched as the first ever online lifestyle site here in the Philippines. Whether you are a techie, art junkie, fashionista, traveller, musician, movie geek, food explorer… and so on, you are sure to fit in! With exciting privileges and freebies, you are sure to be satisfied–with NO LIMITS!


Globe LiveTattoo’s 4 easy steps:

  • Identify your Passion. Are you a—

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1. Trendsetter: Trendsetters are way ahead of the fashion curve. Master of spotting and creating style with good looks and a keen eye.


2. Techie: Techies go beyond megapixels and gigabytes. They integrate technology into their lifestyle seamlessly.


3. Culture Vulture: Culture Vultures are creatures of the urban jungle. They know what the city has to offer from the best dining spots to the most happening scenes.


4. Audiophile: Audiophiles live and breathe music. Their ears do the traveling, exploring different music genres.


 5. Adventurer: Adventurers live an active life, seeking thrills both on and off the beaten path.



  • Sign-up using your Tattoo Prepaid or Postpaid number or Tattoo@Home account number to enter the site.


  • Navigate the site to select your desired deals and perks! Find exclusive offers, downloads and subscriptions to over 50 partner websites and establishments such as games, music, tools and utilities, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, free surfing, discounts and added values on purchases.

Adventurer 3

Globe LiveTattoo Adventurer


Culture Vulture 3

Globe LiveTattoo Culture Vulture


Techie 3

Globe LiveTattoo Techie


Trendsetter 3

Globe LiveTattoo Trendsetter


Audiophile 3

Globe LiveTattoo Audiofile


  • Click and claim your freebies and enjoy the Tattoo lifestyle.

Easy isn’t it? But wait, there’s more!




Powered by the reliable 4G network of Tattoo, these 3 new Globe Lifestyle Prepaid sticks surf at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps!




Globe LiveTattoo Explorer Stick


Are you into gaming? or movie? or a music enthusiast? the Globe LiveTattoo Player lifestyle stick is for you! Access to five free music downloads, free credits to online games and 50% off on Ayala Cinema tickets plus one year unlimited free access to movies and gaming sites like,, and—that’s all you get as a Globe LiveTattoo Player Stick owner!




Globe LiveTattoo Player Stick


FREE issue of Yummy magazine, 50% discount at selected Redbox branches, two free music downloads, unlimited access for one year to food and travel sites like,,, and plus buy one take one deals on Airphil Express domestic tickets are up for grabs for food and travel adventurers with this Globe LiveTattoo Explorer lifestyle stick.



Globe LiveTattoo Stylista Stick


And for stylistas out there, Globe wouldn’t forget about you!  The Glove LiveTattoo Stylista lifestyle stick showers the you fashionista subscribers with discounts at Multiply, Pisobid, VMV Superskin Facials and unlimited access to popular lifestyle and fashion websites such as, and



Every Globe LiveTattoo Prepaid Lifestyle Stick lets you enjoy freebies, discounts, rewards and content tailored to your passion for only P1,295.


All you have to do is register in the site to claim your freebies!





So, When In Manila, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Globe stores and grab these GlobeLiveTattoo Lifestyle sticks! Register at Globe LiveTattoo’s first online lifestyle portal. Live your passion and experience greatness only with Globe LiveTattoo!



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Globe LiveTattoo: Your Weapon for Greatness!