Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal Launches in Boracay

When in Manila, experience only the best with Globe as they launch the newest innovation that will surely rock your world–GLOBE TATTOO Online Lifestyle Portal!



 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal Screenshot



 Last April 12, 2012, Globe Tattoo Broadband gathered and flew a few bloggers to Boracay Island. A 3-day 2-night stay to witness the launching of Globe Tattoo’s newest innovation. When In Manila was one of the lucky participants  included in this trip. 



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle


Day 1: Lunch at Shangri-La Boracay, Spa Party at EPIC Bar, Cocktails and Dinner at Dos Mestizos. 



 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle  Bloggers arrival in Boracay


We stayed at The Palms Boracay, Station 1–good ambiance, cozy set-up plus friendly and courteous people. 🙂 What more can you ask. 😀



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers Hotel 



After allowing us to settle down and relax a bit, we were asked to prepare because LUNCH will be served at BORACAY Shangri-La Hotel 🙂 



  Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers arrival at Shangri-La, Boracay



I was so amazed by the beauty of Shangri-La, Boracay. The best I’ve seen so far! We were then escorted to the Lobby Lounge where we will have our first meal as a group. Of course there was a slight delay since everyone was literally taking pictures of the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lunch at Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La, Boracay



After we were given Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle bags that contained a personalized letter from Mr. Dong Ronquillo welcoming and thanking us for accepting the invitation. Also inside the bag were Banana Boat and Beach Hut Sunblock and a waterproof camera/cellphone case.




Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle welcoming letter



At 4pm, we were gathered again for the SPA Party at EPIC Bar, Station 2 courtesy of Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle also. Bloggers and VIPs were given choices of back massage, foot massage, manicure/pedicure and nail art. Of course, I chose nail art 🙂 While waiting for our turn, we stayed at the Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge, had some cocktails and enjoyed the view of the sunset. Free back massage or foot massage was also available at the Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge! And not to mention FREE WI-FI Access! 


 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge: Epic Bar, Station 2


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Free Wi-Fi Access at the Lounge


 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Blogger: Ms. Kring Elenzano of shows off her VIP tag! Smile 🙂


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge: Cocktails, anyone?



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge and Stage



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers (L-R): Sonnie Santos, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Melai Entuna, Mark Macanas, Chuckie Dreyfus



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers: Left-Fashion Bloggers (L-R: Raleene Cabrera, Megann Jabola, Melai Entuna, Cheyser Pedregosa)  Right-Globe Tattoo Social Media Manager Coy Caballes and Blogger Kring Elenzano


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Lounge: Free Foot Massage and Free Wi-Fi Access



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Perks: The nail art I chose at the SPA Party.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Of course me, representing When In Manila 🙂


The SUNSET one shouldn’t miss, When In Boracay.



 After all the pampering we had, we then proceeded to Dos Mestizos in Station 3 for our dinner and the Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal launch preview. Present at the  launch were Fashion Expert and Traveler Tim Yap; Host and Style Editor Raymond Gutierrez and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Jenni Epperson plus us bloggers and the Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Team headed by Mr. Dong Ronquillo.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: welcomed by the Globe team with labelled seats 🙂



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal: A Preview


Well, Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle website aims to fulfill the passion of its loyal customers. Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle gives its customers the power to choose what interests them with the freebies that comes with it. All you need to do is Log-In to, choose your preferred deals, click it and claim! Just as simple as that.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Product Preview


Also, what’s so cool about this new Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal is that all Tattoo subscribers can enter the site for free – no load deduction for prepaid, just keep a maintaining balance of P5.00, and no charge to bill for postpaid. Great isn’t it?



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal: What can you find?


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal: a preview of freebies you can get.


For a more detailed article regarding Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal, click here.



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle


Day 2: Cocktails, Dinner, Tattoo Launch and PARTY at EPIC Bar



Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers Breakfast at The Palms Boracay



The whole day was free time for us! The sun was all over the sky by the time we were done with breakfast. But of course, We didn’t waste the opportunity to walk at the beach, stroll at D’mall, and the food.. who would let go of that! I spent the day bonding with Kring Elenzano and Winston Almendras.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Free Time! Kring Elenzano and Winston Almendras 



 We purposely passed by the EPIC Bar to see what’s in store for the launch later that night, well of course the GLOBE TATTOO sticks were displayed… and the lounge was already set up for the night’s event. The FREE WI-FI was also available.


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Sticks on Display


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Free Wi-Fi Access



We continued to roam around the island, and decided to stop by Jonah’s fruitshake and buy some calamansi cupcakes. After, we dipped on the beach! Thanks to Sun Play SPF 5o and Sun Play SPF 130 Super Block for keeping my skin burn free!


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Sun Play SPF 50 and SPF 130!



 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Boracay’s famous calamansi cupcake and peanut butter bar and Jonah’s fruitshakes.



At around 6:30 pm, we gathered for dinner at the Epic Bar just before the launch starts. All the bloggers were glammed up, ready for the big launch! I took some photos while we were waiting for the event to formally start. 


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers: Top-Mark Macanas of; Bottom-Sonnie Santos of Websafety Philippines; Right-Megan Jabola of, Winston Almendras, Melai Entuna of and Kring Elenzano of


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers: (L-R) Winston Almendras, Cheyser Pedragosa, Melai Entuna, Kring Elenzano and Coy Caballes


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers on the Left with celebrity Chuckie Dreyfus and Globe Tattoo Team


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Ambassador: Isabella Magalona


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Celebrities such as Tim Yap, Georgina Wilson, Dong Ronquillo, Jenni Epperson and daughter


 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Bloggers with Globe Tattoo Head Dong Ronquillo


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: (L) Kring Elenzano with Ashley Gosengfiao and Eric Salamat; (R) Kring Elenzano with Jenni Epperson and daughter


The Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal launch was officially opened by Mr. Dong Ronquillo, head of Globe Tattoo, wherein he thanked everyone and gave a brief about how they came up with the idea. This was followed by the introductory videos and the sharing of the ambassador’s thoughts about Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle website. 


 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Head Dong Ronquillo


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Surprised by the sudden confetti



 Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle: Ambassadors: (L-R) Sab Magalona, Danica Magpantay with her Mom and Georgina Wilson


The Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle launch ended with a toast onstage with the ambassadors and Globe Tattoo heads plus the amazing fireworks that brightened the sky of Boracay! Thumbs up Globe Tattoo and Congratulations from When In Manila!


  Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Launch Toast


Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Launch Toast with Confetti


 Me at the Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Launch 


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Globe Tattoo Online Lifestyle Portal Launches in Boracay







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