Glamping in Camiguin: Why Ysla is Our Go-to Spot in the Island Born of Fire

If you’re like us who loves the idea of camping, but just aren’t ready for a full-on camping experience, you should definitely check out Ysla Beach Camp and Eco Resort in Camiguin Island. We’ve visited Camiguin numerous times in the past and we’ve always been in love with this island. Finding Ysla just gave us another excuse to keep coming back to Camiguin.

Ysla is the only resort in the island that offers you the ultimate glamping or glamorous camping experience that is part luxury and part adventure. Read on to see why Ysla is our go-to spot when in the island born of fire.



They have fully air-conditioned tents with airbed mattresses. 

You have to admit: one of the main things we worry about when camping is the weather. “Is it going to be cold there?” “What if it gets too warm?” “Am I going to have to sleep half naked or is it even safe to do so?” Yes, these are, truth be told, very valid concerns, especially for first-time campers.

Luckily for us, Ysla has 6 different-sized air-conditioned tents that cater to couples and small groups. So, whether it’s warm or cool outside, it really doesn’t matter because sleeping on an air mattress in an air-conditioned tent is going to help you sleep like a baby all through the night.

Each tent also has a toilet and bath right by them, so there is no need to share with other guests. Yey!




They have proper resort amenities, and a warm and friendly staff.

Welcome drinks, umbrellas, proper sleeping mattresses and towels – these are some of the things we appreciated about this resort. Now, this isn’t a hotel, so you can’t expect them to offer everything else like shampoo, soap, etc. This is still a camping resort, so you will have to remember to bring some of these items on your own if you plan on staying here. Still, the rest that they have been able to provide is much appreciated! Message them on Facebook or visit their website for any other questions.

Now, you can have the best amenities or the nicest of resorts; but if you have a staff that does not know how to take care of your guests, your business could end up in big trouble. At Ysla resort, the staff goes the extra mile. One of us had a slight fever on our first night at the camp and by dawn, it became a high-grade fever. When the staff found out about this, they had someone drop by who offered a detox massage – and it worked wonders! His fever went down and we were able to see the rest of Camiguin as planned.

Other efforts that we really appreciated? Giving us insider tips on where else to go around the island, helping us find our cat that managed to slip away (an interesting story, I might add), texting us to make sure that our trip prior to arrival was set as planned. We really felt the love at Ysla!

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