Gen Zs! Level Up Your TikTok Game and Join the vivo Y Series Clique Squad

Are you a quick-witted, creative, and passionate Gen Z content creator advocating for youth representation in creative and innovative spaces? Are you looking for the right brand that sincerely empowers the youth and nurtures modern channels of innovation and creativity without compromising values and functionality? Well, look no further as vivo is looking for young brand ambassadors that reflect its vision of producing design-driven, user-orientated and durable gadgets in both high-end and mid-range markets.

vivo is assembling a new vivo Y series clique that will become the series’ ambassadors!

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Fonzi Fonz and Mitch Vlogs will each lead a clique of aspiring vivo Y series clique members. These influencers, together with their chosen 2-member ensemble will tackle video challenges to showcase the strengths, capabilities, and power of the vivo Y35. Whoever has the highest points at the end of the 4-week challenge becomes the newest vivo Y series ambassador.

Creativity, wit, and innovation are necessary to ace the weekly challenges on TikTok.  So buckle up and get ready to level up your TikTok game.

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#vivoY35 #QuickAsAFlash TikTok challenge

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To kickstart the search for the next clique ambassadors, Fonzi Fonz and Michelle Vlogs, effectively group leaders will invite participants to the competition by doing the #QuickAsAFlash challenge wherein they have to accomplish as many tasks as they can in 35 seconds. Anyone with creativity can join the challenge as long as they use the hashtags #vivoY35 and #QuickAsAFlash. There are no set rules as to what kinds of activities you should do as long as you finish them in 35 seconds. You can paint your nails, finish a quick drawing or even assemble an old gadget – whatever showcases your creative works. This challenge will serve as the first round of the 3-week contest, so make sure your entries slay!

Participants should follow and tag vivo Philippines TikTok account and the Y Series Clique influencer that they are interested to join for their entry to be valid.

The influencers, under the guidance of vivo representatives, will then choose among the participants who are worthy to be part of their respective cliques.

The two participants with the highest TikTok views plus likes by the end of the week will be chosen to be part of the influencers’ Clique team. *During this point, any smartphones may be used to submit an entry to the challenge*

Beat the 44W fast Charge challenge

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Now that the influencers have finalized their cliques, it is time for them to do their first-ever challenge together, the #vivoY35BeatThe44wFastChargeChallenge. The influencers will start the execution of this challenge. They will need to accomplish a task within 20 minutes while charging their vivo Y35 simultaneously.

To amplify the challenge, their clique teammates will follow the challenge with another smartphone and the vivo Y35, respectively.

This will showcase how fast vivo Y35 boosts back its battery with the help of its 44W FastCharge technology. Yes, that’s right! The vivo Y35 has optimum charging power which can charge a phone’s battery from zero to 100 percent in just 40 minutes! Backed with 5000mAh large battery, this premium phone ensures about 14 hours of video streaming or gaming, so no more anxieties about sudden battery drainage in places where an outlet is hard to find.

The group with the highest total number of views and likes/heart reactions will be the winner of the round.

Organizing challenge

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With the vivo Y35’s huge internal storage capacity, multitasking has never been this easy. For the third and last round of the competition, the groups will be asked to do a multitasking challenge by using multiple apps all at the same time. The influencers will initiate the challenge using the vivo Y35. Their clique members will soon follow using other smartphone models versus the vivo Y35.

This challenge highlights the importance of having enough storage in keeping the phone smooth operation. Guess what? The vivo Y35 has more than enough with its 256GB ROM that supports up to 1TB extension via a separate SD card– and that’s a gigantic space already!

The clique’s total consolidated likes and shares will serve as the team’s score. Whosoever has the highest score wins the round.

The hunt for the next Y series Ambassador!

For the moment of truth — results! The squad with the highest overall score plus the total number of views and likes by the end of the 4-week challenge will be the newest vivo Y series clique, ambassadors!

Aside from being ambassadors, the winning clique team has a chance to take home a brand new vivo Y35 unit and more Y Series smartphones from vivo.

Join the challenge, use the official hashtags and get the chance to have an opportunity of a lifetime as a vivo Y series ambassador! Stay tuned to find out more about the competition and the latest updates from vivo by following its official social media pages on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube..