Gayuma: We’re Loving the Vibes of This Upcoming Restobar in Makati

Aphrodisiac. Now, there’s a word you don’t hear every day. An aphrodisiac refers to a love drug that stimulates your desires and deepest passions. Gayuma is a new restobar in Makati that focuses on aphrodisiacs and all things bewitched.
Gayuma is your next Friday night stopover. It’s perfect for people who love the nightlife. There’s food, drinks, a funky DJ, fun, and other entertainment. Who knew dark and sinister could be so incredible?
It is a place of fun and magic, a night of cold beers and signature drinks that work just like a love potion, except the only things they will awaken are your love for night parties and  TGIFs.
This place lives up to its name. Gayuma strikes up your deepest passions and desires. Whether it’s a glass of margarita, vodka, wine, or Smirnoff you want; they have it.
Onion Rings
I simply love how these onion rings melt inside the mouth. They’re quite soft to chew. They’re well done. The dip combination makes it a fine dish for Friday nights as you wait for your booze to be served.
I’m no sucker for spicy foods, but this one is an exception. There isn’t too much sauce. Everything is just the right mixture. It’s sort of an appetizer.  We all know what happens when you eat something spicy. Each bite just makes you want to dig in for more.
Fried Chicken
I love chicken. Don’t you? My favorite part of this is the skin. I love how its taste blends perfectly with gravy. The dish is boiling hot but is still no match for my special appetite for chicken skin. As for the meat, it is soft and juicy – just how I like it. Oh, and the creamy gravy? The best!
Pizza-Margarita combo. Perfect! I love cheese! I love how it sticks to each slice as I take one piece. The cheese melts in my mouth. I then chew the meatballs and vegetables. The combination of it all is a taste to die for.
Mac and Cheese
Have I mentioned how much I love cheese? All of the types of cheese in the world, melted cheese is one of my all-time favorites. The mac and cheese are sticky to chew, but the taste feels good nonetheless.
Tarot Card Reading
To tell you the truth, some of the readings I got scared me a bit, but I scored well overall. What does the crystal ball say about your future? Come and visit Gayuma to find out. Rob Rubin will be there to read your cards. He’s one of the best-known tarot readers in the industry.

Gayuma Specialty Drink

I saved the best for last. Gayuma’s specialty drink has a distinct taste to it. If you’re wondering, the glass of peachy goodness you see in the picture is not juice or anything else. It’s actually a combination of vodka and other love potions Gayuma has under its sleeves.

Want to taste it? Head on over!


Azotea Suites, Polaris cor. Felipe St., Poblacion, Makati

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