Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila!

When In Manila, rarely can you find restaurants that offer Argentinian cuisine, one of the few here in Manila would be Gaucho. Check out how my first try of Argentinian cuisine went. 

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (7)Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila

Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine in Manila

Gaucho is quietly located at The Park of Robinson’s Magnolia. Looking small on the outside, going in gave us a different view! Gaucho is a 2-floor restaurant with a fine dining feel. It is spacious and because it lies on the side of Robinson’s Magnolia, a good view of the park and the whole mall can be seen. I love the place because it has big windows that allowed natural light to fill in the entire restaurant. 

A long and wide stairs lead up to the 2nd floor with more tables, couches and of course their wine bar. I love how they set up their wine bar which came out to be romantic and really classy.

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_12Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_11Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila

The spacious center is designed for their Tuesday Milongas wherein guests are invited to dance tango! They also have instructors that can teach how to dance Argentine Tango which happens every Tuesdays.

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_14Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila

Their fire pit is also visible for everyone. It is where they slow roast beef, suckling pig or lamb to serve to the customers.

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (8)Gaucho’s fire pit for slow roasting meat