Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila!

Gaucho: Authentic Argentinian Food 

For appetizers, we were served 3 dishes. The Ensalada de Remolach y Ricotta, Sweet Onion and Oregano Fugazetta and Yuca Chorneada. Of the three, I liked the Fugazetta, an Argentinian thin-crust pizza, the best. The dough was soft and sweet because chickpea flour was used and provolone cheese gave a little hint of salty taste which matched well with the onions and oregano. Definitely a vegan dish!

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_01Sweet Onion and Oregano Fugazetta Php 360.00

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (4)Ensalada de Remolach y Ricotta Php 280.00 (Made of Sweet pickled beets, arugula, ricotta cheese, and Italian vinaigrette)

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (13)Yuca Chorneada Php 240.00 (Baked cassava topped with tomatoes,chorizo and provolone)

For our rice dish, a healthy Guiso de Lentejas y Arroz was served to us. Made of roast beef slices with lentils, this dish is full of protein that is good for our muscles. I enjoyed eating the rice even without viand with it. 

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (14) Guiso de Lentejas y Arroz Php 190.00

For our main course, we were served Cordero Entero a la Cruz, Brochetas de Mariscos and Brife de Lomo con Hueso with Humitas on the side. The Cordero Entero a la Cruz, is their Australian raised young lamb which is slow roasted from the fire pit found inside the restaurant. It is served with Chimichurri sauce, organic pickles and unlimited garlic or plain rice. 

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (11)Cordero Entero a la Cruz Php 890.00

The Brochetas de Mariscos, or their seafood skewers had salmon, sole and tuna meat plus squid and prawn that is grilled in Argentinian sauce. The fish meat were cooked well although the prawn meat was overcooked and the tentacles of the squid was undercooked. But overall, it was good. 

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_03Brochetas de Mariscos Php 590.00 

Their US Tenderloin Beef or Brife de Lomo con Hueso, grilled well done, really satisfied my taste. I like meat well done just like how the beef was served to us. Although my friends prefer it to be medium rare, I think it was served okay. 

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (2)Brife de Lomo con Hueso Php 1,900.00

gaucho-argentinian-restaurant-when-in-manila (15)Humitas Php 180.00 (Oven baked corn cake)

A meal wouldn’t be complete without the dessert. 3 desserts, Pastel Tres Leches, Peras al Vino Malbec and Chocotorta made our day! The Pastel Tres Leches was my favorite. It is made of Bailey’s and Cacao Cream Trifle, which wasn’t too sweet. The texture was also good because it wasn’t too soggy. The Peras al Vino Malbec is made of pears poached in red wine on top of panna cotta with granola while the Chocotorta is made of chocolate biscuits with dulce de leche cream cheese. 

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_09Pastel Tres Leches Php 190.00

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_08Peras al Vino Malbec Php 190.00

Gaucho_Argentinian_Cusine_WhenInManila_10Chocotorta Php 160.00

Overall, my first try of Argentinian Cuisine at Gaucho went well. It would be more memorable if I had learned how to dance Tango that same day, but, we’ll set a different date for that! When In Manila, visit Gaucho at Robinson’s Magnolia to try out authentic Argentinian cuisine! 


Photos by Joanne Tan – and Cheryl Golangco — Little Running Teacher

Write Up by Ivica Rae Say of



3rd Floor Al Fresco, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City, Philippines


Gaucho: Argentinian Cuisine Here in Manila!

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