Garmin Opens New Concept Store at Glorietta 5 was fortunate to strap on their Garmin watch, connect to the satellite, and walk the 2.4 kilometers to the new Garmin Concept store’s launch.  I didn’t need a Garmin navigator as  the new Garmin Concept store is easily located on level 3 at Glorietta 5.

Garmin is for people who love and live life.  Garmin is for people on the move: travelling the world, having more fun in the Philippines, trail walking, mountain climbing, running, swimming, biking, doing triathlons and simply living their lives to the fullest.  Garmin takes you places and is one of the first items which seasoned travelers and athletes pack in their bags.  I know coz I pack my Garmin for wherever I go, whether it be Davao or Tuscany.  

What adventures will your Garmin take you?

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Glorietta5_isabelledaza _Gotta

Garmin Philippines celebrated life in motion, together with people from the media and Garmin ambassadors, Team Gotta Tri, as it launched its first ever Garmin Concept Store in the Philippines yesterday. 


 Top Triathletes like Matthew O’Halloran and Joyette Jopson take their Garmin watches all over the world to track their elite performances.

 Joyette Jopson with MAtthew O'Halloran

Top triathletes Joyette Jopson with Matthew O’Halloran


Joyette used her Garmin watch to aid her performance in becoming the top female finisher at the grueling Malaysian Ironman event in Langkawi on August 31st 2014. Read about the feats of the Filipino team here.



Triathlon Coach Jojo Macalintal, Primed for your Life Wellness Coach and Chad Davis, The Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro, Swim Coach Noy Basa and Sim Coach Anthony Lozada.  All of these Coaches and athletes use Garmin personally and to get the best performance out of themselves and  their students.


As you see here, top triathlon age grouper Don Velasco from Sante Barley Triathlon team uses his Garmin watch during the swim leg of his recent triathlon.  His beautiful girlfriend Johanna Cruz told me he even showers with it on!


Your Garmin watch is also an essential training and racing aid whilst biking on or off-road.

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Glorietta5_Gotta tri

Team Gotta Tri use their Garmin watches to track average speed, distance, elevation gains, heart rate and even more to ensure their peak performances.



Garmin brings families together. If you are into running, you Gotta Tri a Garmin watch so you know how well you did and how you can improve.  Just ask Kuya Kim Atienza who recently used his Garmin watch with his son Jose.  

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Glorietta5_Kim Atienza

Congratulations Jose for running your 10km in 1:11.  His proud Papa also ran a personal best 2:09 for 25km.  All tracked and recorded on their Garmin watches.


If you are a little bit vain and a little proud you’ll even see triathletes like Jonah and Frank sharing their Garmin watch results on facebook!


The Coach of Gotti Tri Kevin Fule said “Garmin is a coaches best friend for tracking and setting goals for their athletes.”

Garmin also brings teams together with Sante Barley Tri Team also all using Garmin products.

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Sante Barley

Garmin devices are a must when travelling.  Our family personally takes all our Garmin watches and car navigation system so we don’t get lost when travelling overseas.  We used it to see the country sides of Italy, France and the UK on our recent adventures.

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Glorietta5_Italian Holiday_Tuscany

 See below some of the amazing products on display at the new Garmin Concept store at the 3rd Floor of Glorietta 5:


 Our friend David Richmond needs two of these as he managed to still get lost after we returned from using our Garmin watches in a trail run in the Sierra Madre mountains!


This is one cool fitness band.  Wouldn’t you love to track your daily activities on this sleek little number?


I want one of these.  Great for golfers even if you are not very good like me!

When_In_Manila_Garmin_Glorietta5_7  One cool Garmin device for the bikers.


So, celebrate life in motion… visit the first ever Garmin Concept Store at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 5.  See what wonderful devises are available for you to use as you travel the world, the Philippines and all the great places to see when In Manila.

Garmin Concept Store

3rd floor of Glorietta 5

For more details, you can contact Garmin Sales team now at (02) 632-9513.

Store Officially Opens November 24th, 2015




Garmin Opens New Concept Store at Glorietta 5


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