Gamer Sues Friend For Selling His PHP 2.8M-worth Character for Only PHP 28K

A man who reportedly spent more than PHP2.8 Million on a video game character has sued his friend for selling it for PHP28K only.

gamer sues friend for selling character

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

According to Chinese news site Abacus, the man named Lu Mou spent 388,000 yuan (approximately PHP 2.8 Million) developing and customizing his character in the game Justice Online. He then lent the character to his friend Li Mouscheng. However, Li Mouscheng accidentally listed it in the in-game marketplace NetEase for only 3,888 yuan (~ PHP 28K).

According to Li Mouscheng, the error was made because he was “dizzy from excessive gaming.”

A judge at the Hongya County Court of Sichuan Province ruled the case in favor of Lu Mou and said that the character must be returned to Lu Mou with 90K yuan-worth of damages (~ PHP 652K) to be paid to the person who had bought the character from the marketplace.

The court also issued a warning to the public against the excessive playing of mobile games.

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This news comes after China passed a new law wherein children below 18 years of age are now banned from playing more than 90 minutes of games per day on a weekday, and more than three hours per day on weekends and holidays. Minors are also not allowed to spend more than 200 yuan (~ PHP 1,450) in a game per month (400 yuan, or ~PHP2,900, for those aged 16 to 18).

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