Man Allegedly Loses Eyesight After Playing Mobile Games All Night

A man has allegedly lost his eyesight in one eye temporarily after playing games on his phone all night, a hospital reports.

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Photo by Manuel Del Moral on Unsplash

The man, who is from Shenzhen, China, said that he woke up after an all-nighter the following morning suddenly blind on his left eye. When his vision didn’t return on its own, he quickly rushed to the hospital where doctors found that he had suffered a hemorrhage due to his superficial retinal vessels rupturing.

The condition, called valsalva retinopathy, is usually the result of physical overexertion. People who have it experience cloudy or hazy, partial, or a complete loss of vision.

The man was given laser surgery and is expected to recover within the next month.

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Source: Pear Video and Shenzhen Songgang Hospital via MailOnline

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